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221 Phillip V 1 Comment
222 Robert

Abusive pathologically lying rapist deadbeat piece of human garbage conman fraud criminal


Robert is a douchebag who you meet in middle school and pretends to be cool, while still being a douche. He talks sexually all the time, while being the bisexual bastard he is. He also tries to steal your friends, get in your face, stay in your personal bubble, get annoyed easily, steal your food, racist, sexist, can't take an insult or a punch, and also likes to annoy girls. He has a deep voice you can't understand, and you'd just wish he never existed. He also sexually disturbs you, especially when you talk with your friends. So remember to avoid Robert at all costs, and more importantly, DON'T BE A ROBERT!

223 Keaton

Just sounds like a douche

224 Kelly V 1 Comment
225 Zak

Everyone is saying how ZAK (with a K not a CK) is a douche. Well, he isn't. The reason he doesn't let Aaron or Nick speak (even though he does literally all the time) is because HE made the show, is the executive producer etc. And many people dress like that.
Oh, and by the way, if you hate Zak so much then why do you watch the show?

226 Chip

Who would name there kid Chip. Well one in a million babies are named Burger. No not as in the German surname. They were named Burger. what humanity?!?!?!

227 Darren V 2 Comments
228 Kris

This name gives me post traumatic stress.

229 Lorithia
230 Kobe
231 Sherman
232 Cian V 1 Comment
233 Valentine
234 Reno
235 Kian V 1 Comment
236 Chase

EX- Ballet dancer turned engineer and still chases women in his old condition. Secretly is gay but can't address his homosexuality.

Tells women how ugly they are and he cannot be seen in public with them.

V 2 Comments
237 Anders

Regardless of anyone I know named Anders, just sound it out. It just sounds like a douchey name.

238 Bill

Of course floating demon triangles are gonna be douche bags I mean, HE KILLED A BABY

239 Joey
240 Jon
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