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241 Markus
242 Vinny
243 Rocky
244 Aiden V 1 Comment
245 Ron
246 Dorian
247 Alan
248 Joshua

Sleeps with fat chicks because he knows he is no good in bed and does not think they will know any better.

Drunk who is ashamed of their homosexuality.

249 Dan

A pathological liar, who has no respect for boundaries, and makes you fall in love with him to get into your pants and then intentionally gets into a relationship with another girl and boasts about it to break your heart. You think he's changed, but it's been years and he is still abusive.

250 Rock V 2 Comments
251 Spurgeon V 1 Comment
252 Jackson
253 Jared

Jared from Subway turned out to be a douche when he ended up in prison.

Jared Kushner is the lying son-in-law of our so-called President of the United States.

254 Ronald
255 Levi
256 Preston
257 Taylor

Drillbit Taylor, lol, that reminds me of a memory in 2008 in augest were my buds moved in manitoba.. good time good times... but now it's all memorys because they moved back... damn damn DAMN! - SmoothCriminal

Sort of like a "Jamie", only with higher asperations and much less ability. A line-backer in peewee football, only to become a very under-sized guard in high-school. Since football was crammed down his throat by an equally incapable father, he's destined to wind up in the out-cast fraternity in college and become the floor manager of a collections agency.

Just add swift. Unless you are a swiftie, this should be obvious.

V 1 Comment
258 Lance

Total douche frat guy that lives in the gym

V 2 Comments
259 Skyler

This name is the epitome of douchebag names. It is a reflection of the douchebag parents that thought this name was hip and original, but every douchebag out there gives this name to his/her son and even daughter. Hell No!

Everything about this name sucks, it's from some 80's cartoon sky landers. It's far too mystical, it's the male equivalent to the name destiny. Gross.

Skyler is like naming someone Lucky or Patches... Skyler... ugh!

260 Suzette
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