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261 Suzette
262 Britney

Not so much a Force of Nature but really a Natural Disaster. If Britneys were trains, every one of them would be derailed with the familiar Emergency Alert System warning beeping away on your T.V. telling you to evacuate the city.

263 Larry

If douche bag was in the dictionary, Larry would be one of the words to use instead

He's Larry from impractical jokers never there like my father

Larry sounds douchebaggish! I mean, their real name is Lawrence. Come on, if that isn't douche bag enough, I don't know.

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264 Drake V 2 Comments
265 Max

Max is a Pepsi-drinking / Pop-tart-eating / X-Box-playing nuclear disaster who insists on wearing Authentic sports Jerseys and wearing the most expensive sneakers, even though he has NOT ONE athletic bone in his soft, harp-seal-like body. Max will drain his parents bank accounts in post-secondary educational pursuits like 'game-design', 'programming', graphic arts, and the like.

266 Shelly
267 Aim V 1 Comment
268 Chance

Explodes fish in the microwave. Hands out miniature vegetables. IMs naked pictures to coworkers. Thinks the boss' wife is hott.

Makes a twitch account streams a video of himself naked,kissing girls,gamingmand drawingmon himself with Markers (this is a real guy,total douche)

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269 Allan

Big Husky kid, but sick a lot. Grows wide in his teens, but never reaches the height he dreamed of. Played basketball until the other kids surpassed him, around 9th grade. Becomes a sports commentator and NFL draft 'expert' on his own blog.

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270 Shooter

Seriously? Someone named their kid that?

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271 Patryk

He told me to shut up

272 Cole

Cole got all the toys he ever wanted from his 'never-around' dad. Gets bailed out a lot. Stuggles in school, but knows there's a job waiting for him at dad's work. Usually the guy who sells weed to dad's employees, always to compensate for the fact all his co-workers really hate him, and dad continues to ignore him.

Cole is a fan of Yankees baseball, Cowboys football, Lakers basketball, Notre Dame college football, Duke college basketball and has posters of Christiano Reynaldo in his room. Cole spells his name B-A-N-D-W-A-G-O-N.

273 Slayman

He's a slay and he's a man so he's Slayman!

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274 Ismail
275 Rory

Rory's dad is the coach of the team, that's why Rory gets ice time. The dad is a balding, middle-aged pus-gutted fellow who's neighbors with the Coach Director for the Hockey Association. Rory's dad is most likely named Rory, too. Stop the breeding, stop the Rory's.

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276 Nolan

Little pervert who tries to touch girls asses

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277 Gerard

Unless his last name is Butler, then he will be a douche.

We all know a douche bag stoner named Gerard

278 Mario

Gets beat up a lot as a youth, tells everyone he's "connected" and his uncles are going to "put a hit" on them if they don't knock it off. Says this to the wrong person, and winds up wishing he'd just moved to Chicago, where people can get by with that sort of thing.

Insist on having a friend go as Luigi (or, if his parents were sadistic enough to name his little brother that) every Halloween until he grows out of it. He will probably become a douche due to the most likely daily dose of "letsa-go", "where's peach/luigi? ", etc.

I saw a Luigi on this list earlier and I sure someone posting here had a Genesis is Saturn or a Dreamcast video game console.

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279 CJ

Stands for something like "Chip, Junior", so it's really a 2nd-generation nickname, thus increasing the douche-factor geometrically. Likely voted team captain not because of any ability (almost always none), but instead how much he can suck-up to coaches. Not respected by the team, he insists on their loyalty, even when he's on the bench (which is most of the time). Always the loudest and never the most-skilled.

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280 Micah

Nerdy little puke with Napoleon complex.

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