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301 Shy
302 Ward V 1 Comment
303 Lucas

Does construction and thinks he's big and is actually a know it all. Lucas is a douche name because they are full of themselves and has hoes before bros

Lucas is my name, and ton's of people tell me that I'm one of the nicest kid's they've ever seen, so no, Lucas is NOT the douchebag name. - Luigibuscus

V 1 Comment
304 Babi
305 Forrest

A douche bag who throws women's heads against walls. He is also a advocate for slavery and calls himself the slave god.

306 Dave

I know a giant douche named Dave. Gotta be one of the biggest in the world.

307 Gary V 1 Comment
308 Shulk
309 King
310 Clyde V 1 Comment
311 Spencer

Major douche always corrects me

312 Vince
313 Sheldon
314 Rose
315 Violet
316 Kirk
317 Ike
318 Billy

Makes you cringe, used in infomercials

V 1 Comment
319 Edward

Gives me serial killer vibes. Creepy, A personality type who tries to bully those who are weaker.

Total douche, liar and cheap. He is a Gemini.

320 Beverly
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