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321 Clifford
322 George

I feel bad for whoever dated that George. My best friend's name is George and he is really funny, but everybody picks on him. I think the Georges of the world are just misunderstood! Then again there are a lot of douchebags on this planet too. There needs to be a test where we can see how much of a douche each person is. That way we'll know if you're a douche, and we can send you to mars to live with an alien colony.

I once dated a George... He was so restricting like all the time I'd have to be with him and it was so annoying. I love him still but I think Georges are too "STICKY"

323 Hardy
324 Harvey
325 Tessie
326 Dante
327 Cletus
328 Jonas

Like Nick Jonas.. that rich douche..

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329 Arnold V 1 Comment
330 Andi
331 Dillan
332 Peyton
333 Bailey
334 Micky

Sounds like a dirty old mans name - Missyleigh

335 Brennan

Most spoiled ass kid in the whole school. Has 2 iPhones and still wants the 6!

336 Wayne

Wayne is the dirty old biker that always has a millon stories to tell about his great adventures being a dirty douchebag... He is usually a phycopathic liar who loves to hear himself talk!

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337 Domenic
338 Jeff

I have known a few guys named Jeff, and they were all cool people...

Jeff and derik destroyed peters car

Jeff the total ducebag. I met a jeff let me tell you I wanted to strangle with his own small intestine. Jeff is a guy who acts like he's funny cool but really he's an ass who knows it all. he's the co-worker who rubs his promotion in your face while he nails your wife while your at work. he's the guy if you bring him to a football game his body looks like a aztec sacrafice to the sun god. he's all blue has the team hat on and has had way to much beer in his fat groos gut. He pukes on children and gets into a fight with little fans father. All around nasty

339 Andy

Fat, ugly kid with acne and refuses to shower.

Most Andy's are douches

King of the Unibrow

As bad as Brad. Fat, ugly, liar who spreads rumors and lies about people, while pretending to be your friend.

English people named Andy are the worst Andy.

340 Simon

I think I'm the best and I always make sex jokes!

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