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41 Nick

Nick is the name of someone who hurts kittens by dropping them off staircases

Cop's kid who thought he could get away with anything...and generally did but Karma always found a way to punish him.

Was lead on by a guy then a week later found out he had a girlfriend

Nick's can not be trusted.

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42 Nash

Nash Grier. All I really need to say. Total twat.

I knew a Nash who mocked the mentally challenged kids to their faces and threw footballs at them and my group of nerd friends for fun.

Likes to hookup with underage girls

Too many douche bag Nash players on Street Fighter V

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43 Jesus

Jesus is the guy who does favors for everybody only for popularity. I knew this one Jesus that literally let himself die so everyone could be forgiven or something. Like thanks, but no thanks.

Jesus is best

What am I supposed to say?

Yeah Speaks for itself - MarsBlast

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44 Adolf

This is pretty self-explanatory.

Need I say more?

Good Speaking skills

You'd think this name would be banned...

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45 Xander

Skinny Jeans and a beanie kind of name

"I'm not really feeling it right now, sorry" - xandermartin98

I don't like it

46 Gaston

A true douchebag name. - 445956

47 Nathan

The climber who can't do the job, but lobbies hard to become the supervisor of those who do the job. His ideas are worthless, but in the short time he's in charge, he's determined to make a mark, and fails. Nathans get promoted but are soon discovered and usually move on to the next unsuspecting firm.

My best friend's brother is named Nathan and he always talked to me on Facebook and not even his brother likes him.

Has a small head to match his penis

He's an ass worth saving - xandermartin98

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48 Steve

I had a Steve. Biggest douchebag ever. Lies and cheats. Had 3 girlfriends behind my back. Used me and broke my heart. A "Steve" is the kind of guy who will hook up with anything that says yes and doesn't have any respect for anyone. The Steve definition: heartless douche!

Steve is the guy at the party who makes out with his best friend's chick in the hot tub while he goes inside to take a leak.

I know a Steve. He's the biggest douche I've ever met.

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49 Chet

Chet is that quarterback in teen movies who has the most punch able face in the world. Usually is snide and condescending which the women he pursues love

Chet is a car salesman. He always has his hair spiked and refers to himself as "The Chet".
He always talks about his biceps and abs and is very loud because he loves the attention!

I can see the popped up polo shirt in my dreams.

Chet from Weird Science, perfect example.

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50 Donald

Yea, it doesn't surprise me that Donald Trump is on here.

Well, Donald Duck was a bit of a douche...

CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE ADDING THIS BECAUSE OF OUR PRESIDENT. you guys might be hypocrites, any of your names are douchebag names - TeamRocket747

Donald 'Donnie' Wahlberg was always the biggest douche of NKOTB...

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51 Matt

Mega douchebag. He tries to get with every girl, but once the girl agrees to go on a date with him, he runs away like a scared child.

I have a "friend" named Matt, he thinks he has a chance with a bunch of girls at school. He doesn't because he is a perverted, creepy, hypocritical douchebag.

I have dated a boy named matt he was all talk and fake. Tried to get with my friends and dumped me after 1 month he is the biggest douche bag there is.

Two guys on my dorm floor who went out and partied all the time were named Matt. Douchiest "bruh" voice, always talking about getting drunk, one was obsessed with working out, the other was hooking up with two girls at once.

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52 Shane

If you look up "douchebag" in the dictionary, there will be a picture of an ass with lax-bro "lettuce" spilling out from a backwards snapback and a douchy smirk on his face. Parents, please don't name your kid Shane

Shane from the walking dead. Enough said

... this kid I grew up with ... Shane spit gum in my hair when I was a little girl. Shane you are a douche!

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53 Connor

An over-used name from the mid-90's, almost always an over-sheltered & over-indulged moppet with an enormous forehead and a greatly exaggerated opinion of his own ability. Easily fools brainless women about their prowess. Destined to be a drunk and an adulterer. Frequent visitor of the courts later in life.

He kissed me and told me he liked me, the next day he was going out with this other girl

I personally like the name Connor. There might be some jerks with that name, but I dated a guy named Connor and he was a complete gentleman!

He's the biggest jerk you could know. Ugly asf too

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54 Sammy

Cute, cuddly.

55 Travis

I knew a Travis in my High School days. He was one of the worst people that I have ever met. He tried to make my school life a living hell. He would even ring my house phone on weekends just to verbally abuse me. I never did a thing to make him hate me (that I know of). He seemed to just have it in for me from the moment we met. To this day, I still really dislike this name. I know that a person should be judged on who they are and not what their name is but the name "Travis" brings back very bad memories for me.

One who talks a lot but says nothing. A conversation with a "Travis" is like eating pork rinds: greasy, ultimately unsatisfying, and not good for you.

My drugged up cousin's name is travis and I hate om so much this should be at the top of the douchebag name list.

One of the worst coworkers I have ever had.

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56 Dontay

This guys is the worst buzz kill. Ends the mood for any public event.

57 Payton

She a hoe

58 Ricardo
59 Duncan

Duncan is a name of a douche bag that takes the definition to a new level of understanding. Most are found in Wyoming or bordering states, they also like to wear poor quality cardigans and act hip. They believe they party the hardest, but usually are the first to bail... Douche bag!

No way, our school's best teacher is called Duncan and he's lovely.

Duncans are hipsters who try to sound educated and quote Jack Kerouac. Yet they have no idea how put gas in their car and think pop rocks came from the moon. They generally are Bernie Sanders supporters and work at Starbucks or Home Depot.

Hell yes

60 Jason

Every Jason I've ever met below the age of 40 was an arrogant ass.

My husbands name is Jason. he's 34 and he is sweet and wonderful. Definitely not an arrogant ass.

Jason is a good name.

This name is neat, cool sounding too

Pretty douchy, and my name's Jason

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