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61 Luigi

Did a terrible job plumbing my crib



62 Kanye

Self explanatory. Nobody loves Kanye more than Kanye

63 Eric

Eric and including the name Derek have that douche sounding way about the name. Usually you will know one of these guys and they will either be a "hardcore rider dude who is sweet at first and then becomes an absolute dick when they get what they want"

Derek and Eric and names that also sound similar to Prick so there you go.

Selfish Prick.

Eric- There is no middle with this name. Eric's are either Badass, or, complete asss.

Biggest douche I ever met. Plus he's a sextist

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64 Grant

THE WORST DOUCHEBAG YOU WILL EVER MEET! He's an idiot who fails everything he does and everybody loves him, even though you're the only one who realizes what an insufferable prick he is!

Ugh! The most manipulative person you will ever meet. Grants may seem nice at first, but once they get what they want from you expect to be stabbed in the back.

Mommas boy. Only cares about himself. Makes you fall in love with him to get in your pants and breaks your heart.

My name is Grant and I feel as if this fits me perfectly 😂

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65 Aidan

I once liked a boy named Aidan. Two weeks into talking to and flirting with him, he starts to call me babe and asks me to be his girlfriend. When I told him I wanted to wait before we put a label on things, he said okay. Later, I found via Facebook that he has been flirting with another girl the ENTIRE time.

I dated a guy named Aidan. Biggest jerk ever told me I needed to be more skinner and used to control everything I did. Frig you Aidan

My name is Aidan and these comments highly offend me - TeamRocket747

Honestly so good at everything have u ever seen an 8 yr old build a lego house

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66 Zane V 1 Comment
67 Narcissus
68 Daren
69 DaQuan

It just sounds not offense but really ghetto

70 Shuwei

First name Feng? Seriously, why would you ever do this to your child? Mandatory 3-5 yrs. jail term for doing this.

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71 Aaron

This guy I know, Aaron, totally is a douche. He's annoying and trying to get in every girl pants. GROSS!

My name is Aaron, and yes I have glasses and short hair... Made me laugh though.

Glasses short hair lets just say that's enough said.

Cheater and womanizer

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72 Patrick

Tries too hard to get on your good side, even if it means dancing "Touch My Body" by Mariah Carey in front of everyone. Yes that happened in middle school.

"Hello, is this the Krusty Krab? "
"No, this is Patrick."
Is Patrick Star a douchebag? Possibly.

"I know a Patrick and he is a douche with stupid messy dumb hair. "

I knew a Patrick. Shaved head fat short redneck who sounds like Bobby Hill. Completely insane and spoiled by his idiot mother, tries to kill his uncle with his car, and stalking his ex girlfriend.

Yet people like him cause he doesn't like cops. I guess if you don't like cops you can get away with harassing women and killing people.

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73 Dominic

He's that guy who insults all the girls just to get them to hit back at him or follow him down the hallways arguing loudly.

Good idea to get a line of girls behind you, actually.

Dominic is the name of a future deadbeat dad who leaves his first family for one that will coddle and spoil him and pay all his bills.

Not that bad of a guy, actually...

Guy who brags about his wife and has an annoying smile - StayAlive

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74 Jacob

Jacob Sartorius

Jumps out from behind bushes at the neighborhood playground and shoots you with a bibi gun... Little bastards hurt like hell...

Ex. Horrible. Cheater, player. Ass.

Total douche tiny dick

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75 Alex

Alex is the guy who puts on a dinosaur costume not for little kids but for his friends and girlfriend. But more for his own amusement.

My ex name was alex and he treated me like dirt. I was with him for 3 and a half years. His name was Alex. And he's a douche

My brother is called Alex and he is a douche.

Short guys with Napoleon complexes

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76 Hunter

While "Hunter" evokes masculinity, in realty most "Hunters" are the little kid that gets picked last for kickball and winds up living in Pittsburgh

I sent a guy named hunter nudes. He hated me afterwords. May I also his weird foot fetish and how self obsessed he was.

Hunter is a douche name for douche guys

He was a meth addled teen and now is a drug addled man

77 Evan

110% douche bag pathological liars

I love this name

Evan's aren't just douchebags, they're also idiots.


78 Steven

Creeps who make inappropriate comments to women.

Don't understand why this would be associated with douchebags, but okay... - MKBeast

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79 Seth

A guy who thinks he is better than everyone else. He also lies and creates drastic stories in order to impress his "friends".

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80 Caleb

Sounds like that guy who pretends to be sensitive and caring, but uses women for sex and ditches them.

Not true. That's my brother's name, and he's a great guy. Who the hell put this on the list? Maybe you're a douchebag!

Guys named Caleb or Kaleb either tends to be edge lords who think they are better than everyone and total bullies. Yes, they pretend to be sensitive and caring, but they just use women for sex and ditches them. Even worse, they blame the women saying he was "catfished" or "used" by then, when they actually abuse the women and mess with their heads.

A Caleb/Kaleb always bullied me, like when I'm having a bad day he insults me and makes fun of me in public, even stalking me online by messaging me and just yelling at me, blaming me for his relationship issues with the girl he abused, and even three years after the incident, he decides to message me one day to send threatening messages. THREE YEARS AFTER. Then he goes to his friends to bad mouth the woman he used for sex.

If you wonder why I couldn't ignore him, he kept changing his account, so putting on him ignore didn't work.

Stay away from Caleb/Kalebs. They are some of the worst people you will ever meet.

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