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81 Mitch

I knew this guy named Mitch... In SECOND GRADE! He bullied me... if this is not douche-ism I don't know what is. What fifth grader just decides to pick on a random second grader they don't even know?!

If their name is shortened from Mitchell they're even worse. No Mitch is good, they're all twats

I knew a Mitch in high school. This kid thought it was funny to call black people the n word to their faces and posted pictures of himself flexing all the time. Today, he's a body builder and probably still a douche.

This guy named Mitch at my school is a douche. :l he ignores people to their face.

82 Schmitty

Schmitty Werben man Jensen he was #1 it was his soda drinking hat.

Anyone who calls their son 'Schmitty' must hate their own child. No wonder they grow up to be douchebags.

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83 Martin

Martins or Martys as some like to be called are raving phycopath douchebags... Sometimes... At least the one that I know is, for sure!

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84 Wesley

Type of guy who drives a classic muscle car way too fast and way too loud down residential streets. Every time he parks he pops the hood to brag about the mediocre engine he built himself. He usually stalls it out in front of pretty girls so he has the reason to get out, pop the hood, and act macho in front of her. Trust me, I have children with a Wesley. It never ends.

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85 Emma

Especially if they have a friend named Mel.

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86 Brock

Brock of Pokemon. Enough said.

How is this not number one

Brock: Common ash lets catch them ALL!

Brock to some random Nurse Joy: I love you!
Nurse Joy: Uh...
Ash: Come on Brock, let's go.
Brock: NAO! - RiverClanRocks

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87 Austin

Hey all of you, my name is Austin, and it is NOT a douchebag name, so why don't you just SHUT UP!

Austin is most definitely a douchebag name, the austin I know is a loud-mouth and tries to use crude humor to up his self-esteem

Selfish and incompetent... total douchebag! - Fydric

Austin thinks he knows EVERYTHING and is quick to speak whatever he wants in a loud voice.
What he lacks in intellect, he attempts to cover up with crude humor. Total douchebag. - Fydric

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88 David

David's a jerk

Very intense and OCD.

89 Obama

Obama is a last name. Nice try ;-)

Not sure why people like him over bush?


Obama is a true wr, hkarbfjkgBJK, if you know what I mean

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90 Wyatt

A douche bag guy who tries to get all of the girls when he can't and goes around calling them hoes afterwards.

Agree with first comment.. Also Fat chubby guy that thinks he is awesome..

He has a jesus tattoo and a white truck and he hunts everyweekend

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91 Will
92 Tony

Tony is that douche that eats all your pizza

Sleazy car salesmen are always named this.

Watch out for the fat-bastard variety of people with this name - xandermartin98

93 Joel

Joel used to be an AD now he's gonna be an officer... DOUCHE!

Lead girls on and then leave them embarrassed

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94 Asher

This deserved to be on the list. I once met a kid around my age who went by this name. Biggest douce bag I had ever met. I'm so glad I don't have to deal with him this upcoming summer. I heard he's moving to St. louis, which is by the way one of the most dangerous places on earth. I hope he gets caught in that danger if you know what I'm saying

I know a good Asher and a bad one. The good one is hilarious and cute and the opposite of the bad one. The bad one is a double timing player douche bag

Asher is the biggest DOUCHE I've ever met, all he does is wear tie die and drop dope ass facts all day. He's the kinda guy who dicks around in fencing practice and really pisses off the coaches, I mean fencing is a really serious sport and it needs to be respected and all he does is disrespect it. Really pisses me off. Smh.

I knew a kid named asher. he was the biggest douche I have ever met. I'm sooo glad he moved to Japan. douche.

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96 Mark

I knew a person who used to call Mark. Absolutely the biggest jerk I have ever met in my whole life. Arrogant and naive.

Over opinionated bastards too who think they are never wrong

Anyone with the name mark should be avoided instantly

Penis faces

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97 Adolf

This is pretty self-explanatory.

Need I say more?

Good Speaking skills

You'd think this name would be banned...

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98 Andrew

Andrews are one of the biggest douche bags you will meet and rated one of the top ten. They are know it all's who think agree with me or you are illiterate and a stupid kind of person. Calls people names they feel they are. Never believes the truth if it doesn't go along with there own version of the truth. Hates those who have it better in life then them. Thinks they are smarter than all the people around them. Usually immoral and have almost no self worth. Talk badly of others to make them feel better about themselves and where they are in life.

No personality and do not take responsibility for anything.

Andrews are some of the biggest douchbags you will ever meet. Know it all losers who hate themselves so much they bring others down as much as possible to try and make thems selves feel better. Don't listen to the trusty even if it's rite in front of them.

He was a cuck

99 Clark
100 Greg

Sounds like a name for a guy who is totally addicted to puke and saliva.

White trash who has mama issues

Total hypocrite, tries to force his opinions on people, tries to turn every conversation into a debate about sensitive, controversial topics (i.e. religion), shows no remorse or guilt. Seems like a douche.

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