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101 Rod

A tall has-been from the 80's with a sandy blonde mullet and beer gut. Inevitably wears shorts with the obnoxious Saved by the Bell color scheme and a dirty haggard white (brown now) wife beater. Brags about women he's banged to 9 year old neighbor kids and is all about Mopar or NoCar. Lives in a trailer park and spends his bad earnings on beer and soap operas for his ratchet ass wife who doesn't clean the house and has three kids from three different dudes. She sits in a bathrobe with hair curlers, yelling at her I'll behaved hellions every hour on the hour. Avoid at all costs unless you want white yeah entertainment.

102 Sam

My name is Sam and every person who has met me says I'm not a douche and have a heart of gold

Jerk in high school and is now a minister...

103 Ghodimas
104 Bradson
105 Bobby

He's an okay kid, don't get me wrong, but he has no common sense whatsoever and is so oblivious it's infuriating. Popular, but shy; a cute jackass.

That boy ain't right, I tell you hwat

He is a stuped frocht with half a soul

106 Love

Who names their kid "Love" that's not a name stupid, it's a word...

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107 Johnny

This guy named Johnny at my school sucked. He was really mean, pretended to like girls just so he could dump them and break their heart, would nonstop do... weird things like hump tables and he would ask for answers on everything because he couldn't do it himself.

I knew a Johnny. Was that kid who always went to the midnight release of Call of Duty, and wasn't at school the next day. A wannabee jock, and will live with his overprotective mother until 40 something. Dick.

My name is Johnny, but in real life I am quite nice. Actually, my name is really John, since Johnny is a nickname but everybody calls me Johnny anyway. - MusicalPony

108 Ethan

He just makes you think of some guy that has shorts hanging down his ass and a snapback.

That kid who you hate who plays hockey and is and ass

Sounds like a nerd name - no offense to nerds

He's just a douche

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109 Fur V 2 Comments
110 Jack

King douche of the douches has arrived at his throne. Biggest douche I have ever met in my life. - mcflyforever

King douche of the douches with my experience - mcflyforever

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111 Kurt

Kurt is the most wonderful and handsome guy I know. Extremely intelligent and any girl would dream of being with him so I certainly don't agree with your comment. He is a friend of my brothers and all the girls are crazy about him!

I know a Kurt. He's cool. A little bit goofy, but he's an okay guy.

I know a totally awesome guy named Kurt

A kurt almost killed my friend

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112 Rick

Rick is a dick, but doesn't have much of one.

I am a Rick and I can confess that I am a dick. Erhm douche canoe

113 Phil
114 Tim

Arrogant, manipulative douchebag.

Has no idea how to connect with people.

Violet pervert

115 Alec
116 William
117 Elijah V 1 Comment
118 Tripp
119 Lawrence
120 Rob

Often a little man, but by virtue of institutional ineptnitude, placed in a position of minor authority, though frequently bullied by assistants. Delights in making others, usually teenagers, feel as small as he is. Some fear him, as they believe his authority is genuine. When they find out it's not, he's easily brushed aside. Most 'Robs' are living examples of the "Peter Principle", and should be quickly demoted to their deserving place.

Blows up at every comment and will not cooperate. Threatens suicide at every command.

So true! I know a Rob that fits that description

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