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101 Andrew

Andrews are one of the biggest douche bags you will meet and rated one of the top ten. They are know it all's who think agree with me or you are illiterate and a stupid kind of person. Calls people names they feel they are. Never believes the truth if it doesn't go along with there own version of the truth. Hates those who have it better in life then them. Thinks they are smarter than all the people around them. Usually immoral and have almost no self worth. Talk badly of others to make them feel better about themselves and where they are in life.

No personality and do not take responsibility for anything.

Andrews are some of the biggest douchbags you will ever meet. Know it all losers who hate themselves so much they bring others down as much as possible to try and make thems selves feel better. Don't listen to the trusty even if it's rite in front of them.

He was a cuck

102 Tim

Arrogant, manipulative douchebag.

Has no idea how to connect with people.

Violet pervert

103 Clark
104 Greg

Sounds like a name for a guy who is totally addicted to puke and saliva.

White trash who has mama issues

Total hypocrite, tries to force his opinions on people, tries to turn every conversation into a debate about sensitive, controversial topics (i.e. religion), shows no remorse or guilt. Seems like a douche.

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105 Rod

A tall has-been from the 80's with a sandy blonde mullet and beer gut. Inevitably wears shorts with the obnoxious Saved by the Bell color scheme and a dirty haggard white (brown now) wife beater. Brags about women he's banged to 9 year old neighbor kids and is all about Mopar or NoCar. Lives in a trailer park and spends his bad earnings on beer and soap operas for his ratchet ass wife who doesn't clean the house and has three kids from three different dudes. She sits in a bathrobe with hair curlers, yelling at her I'll behaved hellions every hour on the hour. Avoid at all costs unless you want white yeah entertainment.

106 Sam

My name is Sam and every person who has met me says I'm not a douche and have a heart of gold

Jerk in high school and is now a minister...

107 Ghodimas
108 Bradson
109 Lawrence

Lawence is a total idiot

110 Layla

I know one, she's a compete bitch. - Migrenna

111 Bobby

He's an okay kid, don't get me wrong, but he has no common sense whatsoever and is so oblivious it's infuriating. Popular, but shy; a cute jackass.

That boy ain't right, I tell you hwat

He is a stuped frocht with half a soul

112 Love

Who names their kid "Love" that's not a name stupid, it's a word...

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113 Johnny

This guy named Johnny at my school sucked. He was really mean, pretended to like girls just so he could dump them and break their heart, would nonstop do... weird things like hump tables and he would ask for answers on everything because he couldn't do it himself.

I knew a Johnny. Was that kid who always went to the midnight release of Call of Duty, and wasn't at school the next day. A wannabee jock, and will live with his overprotective mother until 40 something. Dick.

My name is Johnny, but in real life I am quite nice. Actually, my name is really John, since Johnny is a nickname but everybody calls me Johnny anyway. - MusicalPony

114 Fur

What kind of a name is this? - RiverClanRocks


115 Rick

Rick is a dick, but doesn't have much of one.

I am a Rick and I can confess that I am a dick. Erhm douche canoe

116 Phil
117 Alec
118 James

White trash guy with major addiction issues. If you are in your thirties and are still obsessed about your days of a rebel teen, you really need to move on with your life.

Cocky military guy who was engaged and was sleeping around until his wedding night...

You do realise you are making fun of our lord and savior james christ! - RootBeerFan

Will tell girls to get plastic surgery to fix their 'ugliness'


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119 William
120 Elijah

My friend's boyfriend's name - Iamcool

Elijah is so douchey

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