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121 Archer

Archer is the name of the character off an amazing television show ("Archer") but accurately enough, he is a complete douche.

122 Chuck

Chuck Norris? He is not a douche at all. This should not be on this list

123 Niko

Isn't that the raccoon from Pocahontas?

No, it's the guy from Grand Theft Auto iv

Pleaes, No, not Niko.

124 Jonathan

Goody two shoe who never bends the rules.

Is a communist

Cranky kid who's allergic to peanuts, wheat gluten, dairy, Red Dye 40, and a ton of other stuff. Parents expect everyone will adjust their post-soccer game treats to accommodate Jonathan's delicate system, forcing the talented kids to join competing teams. Jonathan steps into the void and becomes 'the best player on the team', now stocked Jamies, Taylors, and Allans

125 Sheridan

Stupid name for a stuck up douche. Sheridan "knows everything"

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126 Peter

They're rude and ignorant

Oh these names are real accurate. This guy... Peter... Okay, I need to stop talking about him. Grr.

U know peter griffin from family guy

Every Peter is cometely mental! Pete's are okay.

127 Jaiden

The one I knew I was a burnt out hippie who still had no job in his forties and would get high every day. He would get in relationships with women who had careers and places to live so he could live off off them. Biggest parasite I have ever met.

Rich spoilt little bastard who cares about nothing but himself and his whole family secretly hates him.

Oh really, So I'm a douchebag. You spelled it wrong you dummy - JaysTop10List

That's my name I am not a douchebag! - WWEfanJayden

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128 Adam

My boyfriend is an Adam and he's definitely not a douchebag!

The Adam I met had a girlfriend and was notorious for sexting his female co-workers and had very disturbing fantasies.

129 Maximilian
130 Daniel

Dan's have big wieners, and always know the right to say, do and well, think!

Good solid name for real men

Overly sexual and violent sex crazed lunatics.

Dickhead never be friends and with him he is over sexual and abusive

131 Kaegan

Well, he's a douche, but he's still awesome.

132 Trey

Trey is the type of guy who always brags about going to the gym but only ever does chest and arms, drives a lowered civic with "cool" blue lights coming from underneath. Says he scores with lots of girls but really on Super likes girls on tinder, oh and his tinder profile pic is him doing bench press, how ironic. Trey is a douche

Goes to the bar underage, tries to be friends with all his brothers legal friends but really know wants him there, flash forward to the end of the night and he has his shirt off showing off his muscles and trying to start fights to impress girls, this is a classic "Trey" move

Always a white guy with a flat beak hat with patchy ass chin pubes that he calls a beard. Always seems to drive that civic with rust holes through the doors and baby seats in the back from never wrapping up his junk because he's that bad ass and greasy

Uses dumb slam like choice and buckets. What a douchebag loser

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133 Dexter

Has a friend who is a douchebag named cody, so therefore he is a douchebag

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135 Dylan

Dylan is that guy that's into techno music and doing drugs that he can't explain. Dylan has hair that sticks up and is wavy like no other.

He's the kind of guy who says he loves you then hooks up wit another girl three days after you break up

136 Zeus

Zeus from Greek Mythology is a major douche and constantly screwing women over then letting them deal with the wrath of his wife, Hera, for him cheating.

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137 James

White trash guy with major addiction issues. If you are in your thirties and are still obsessed about your days of a rebel teen, you really need to move on with your life.

Cocky military guy who was engaged and was sleeping around until his wedding night...

Will tell girls to get plastic surgery to fix their 'ugliness'

He's the biggest bitch in the world

138 Benjamin

Married guy who flirts with women behind his wife's back. Uses his wife depression and weight gain as an excuse so he can flirt with girls who are not his wife.

Cheater. Liar. Narcissist. Verbally abusive. Conceited but still insecure. But goes by his middle name instead.

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139 Isaiah
140 Jotham V 1 Comment
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