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121 Adam

My boyfriend is an Adam and he's definitely not a douchebag!

The Adam I met had a girlfriend and was notorious for sexting his female co-workers and had very disturbing fantasies.

122 Maximilian
123 Dexter

I had a teacher at my school, he was pervert, later he got fired and went to prison cause he harassed girls at school (google: mark dexter) this was in middle school by the way

Austin booth

Has a friend who is a douchebag named cody, so therefore he is a douchebag

124 Alec
125 Brett

Brett's are the ones who have the biggest ego. Mostly handsome, but they have that mid-range voice that can bust your eardrums if they talk too long. Plus they are funny, and tell the best jokes. Also they are players. Every week they have a new girlfriend/boyfriend or a new best friend. They aren't an eyesore, but fall for one and they'll break your heart, so beware the Brett's and Bret's.

126 Conrad

The first time I ever got a mean comment on social media was from a guy named Conrad. - 445956

A funny and understanding guy

127 Dylan

Dylan is that guy that's into techno music and doing drugs that he can't explain. Dylan has hair that sticks up and is wavy like no other.

He's the kind of guy who says he loves you then hooks up wit another girl three days after you break up

I know a kid named Dylan who constantly picks on my mom on the school bus she drives. Retard. - Aragorn98

128 James

White trash guy with major addiction issues. If you are in your thirties and are still obsessed about your days of a rebel teen, you really need to move on with your life.

Cocky military guy who was engaged and was sleeping around until his wedding night...

Will tell girls to get plastic surgery to fix their 'ugliness'


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129 William
130 Elijah

My friend's boyfriend's name - Iamcool

Elijah is so douchey

131 Tripp
132 Rob

Often a little man, but by virtue of institutional ineptnitude, placed in a position of minor authority, though frequently bullied by assistants. Delights in making others, usually teenagers, feel as small as he is. Some fear him, as they believe his authority is genuine. When they find out it's not, he's easily brushed aside. Most 'Robs' are living examples of the "Peter Principle", and should be quickly demoted to their deserving place.

Blows up at every comment and will not cooperate. Threatens suicide at every command.

So true! I know a Rob that fits that description

133 Archer

Archer is the name of the character off an amazing television show ("Archer") but accurately enough, he is a complete douche.

134 Tanner

Tanker is the spoiled rotten kid that gets a sports car on his 16th birthday.

Tanner is that kid who spits racial slurs and thinks his parents can get himself out of anything.

Tanner is nearly always the poster child for white privilege.

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135 Chuck

Chuck Norris? He is not a douche at all. This should not be on this list

136 Niko

Isn't that the raccoon from Pocahontas?

No, it's the guy from Grand Theft Auto iv

Pleaes, No, not Niko.

137 Jonathan

Goody two shoe who never bends the rules.

Is a communist

Cranky kid who's allergic to peanuts, wheat gluten, dairy, Red Dye 40, and a ton of other stuff. Parents expect everyone will adjust their post-soccer game treats to accommodate Jonathan's delicate system, forcing the talented kids to join competing teams. Jonathan steps into the void and becomes 'the best player on the team', now stocked Jamies, Taylors, and Allans

138 Randy

Lets be honest here. This name isn't just a small opinion, its a sealed fate, if you name your kid this, well you must surely hate his guts. The name doesn't necessarily mean Alpha male, he can be a snooty douche or an arrogant douche, or even just that guy you hate for no reason and so does everyone but no one knows why.

139 Sheridan

Stupid name for a stuck up douche. Sheridan "knows everything"

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140 Peter

They're rude and ignorant

Oh these names are real accurate. This guy... Peter... Okay, I need to stop talking about him. Grr.

U know peter griffin from family guy

Every Peter is cometely mental! Pete's are okay.

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