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141 Atlas
142 Florian
143 Giovanni

I know a kid like this by this name

144 Oscar

There is only 2 Oscar's I ever liked 1. Oscar de la Hoya & 2. Oscar the grouch. To me it sounded kind of fruity of a name. - westofohio

Oscar Martinez from The Office! Just gay not a douche.

I know a guy named Oscar and he's such a tool.

145 Ryder

Ryder tries but just can't get over that fact that girls will only be 'friends' with him. Thinks he's a 'ladies man' right up to his sentencing for soliciting a minor. The fella's in prison all wait for Ryders.

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146 Jackie

Dirty hoe on her third marriage looking for Mr Right with a fat wallet. Then hammers the douch named Brandon!

147 Tanner

Tanker is the spoiled rotten kid that gets a sports car on his 16th birthday.

Tanner is that kid who spits racial slurs and thinks his parents can get himself out of anything.

Tanner is nearly always the poster child for white privilege.

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148 Timothy

Know it all clown who does not have the common sense to come in from the rain.

Ex bro in law total jerk

Stole a little girls necklace on the bus

149 Bret

I hooked up with a Brett one time that kept an industrial sized bottle of lotion by his bed. I don't even think I needed to be there honestly.

Bullied by a Brett. Nobody liked him.

Ugh Brett's are secretly little skanks that try to hide it but everyone know what they do in their room when nobody's around

150 Rafael
151 Derrick

A.K. A Douchebag Derrick.

Pothead douchebag we all know

152 Darrel

A hillbilly ass kinda dude who always says"my other brother Darryl! " Huhurhur

153 Ace

My name is ace and I'm a douche

154 Kale

Not a name, but a vegetable. Why do this to your kid?

155 Reese

Educated yet handsome douche who hooks up with girls on Tinder and tells them he just broke up with his girlfriend. Sad thing is he still lives with his girlfriend and uses Tinder when his girlfriend goes away on the weekends to visit her family. After he uses the girl for the sex, he gives her some excuse that she can't spend the night and he has to find the cure for cancer at his research lab. He calls Uber to pick the girl up and take her back wherever she came from.

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156 Randy

Lets be honest here. This name isn't just a small opinion, its a sealed fate, if you name your kid this, well you must surely hate his guts. The name doesn't necessarily mean Alpha male, he can be a snooty douche or an arrogant douche, or even just that guy you hate for no reason and so does everyone but no one knows why.

157 DJ
158 Dennis
159 Sean

Because I feel like that name needs to be on here

Trying to make a name for themselves.

At least they spelled it right.

Stop stealing my name bruh

160 Vincent

Come on... Any guy with this name that doesn't have the last name "Van Gogh", or "Price" after it is clearly a douche. Usual the kind that treats his girl like crap and manipulates her into thinking it's her own fault while the girl could do 20 times better than him easily.

I have a classmate named Vincent who is BEYOND a douchebag

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