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161 Sly

Need I say more?

162 Harry

Never met a harry that's genuinely nice, always turns out to be manipulative and deceiving

Hot, British guys have this name

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163 Liam

No the Liam's I know are really sweet - mcflyforever

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164 Mason

Lays blocks in a row, and that's also a metaphor for Mason. Knock him off line, and he's lost.

Goes to my college, Punched this girl at this party! What a douche!

165 Tynan

Please somebody explain what the bloody-hell is a Tynan. I too would like to know

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166 Trevor

Have met several people with this name, all complete asses, even dated one, not my best idea

Huge douchebag! Almost everyone I know secretly hates Trevor.

Major Douchebag and a ginger

Best name ever! TREVOR IS SO HOT!

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167 Noah

There was a Noah I knew at my high school. And my god he was terrible to everyone, including girls. He would often bash girls if they rejected him. And he tried his hard to act like some gangster. And he also sounded like he haven't hit puberty.

Just a couple months ago I heard he was killed when someone murdered him in his parent's home. - Mumbizz01

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168 Clayton

I know a guy named Clayton and he wears white Oakley's with rhinestones on the pockets of his miss me jeans!

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169 Parker V 1 Comment
170 Zac

Likes to brag about how many beers he drink while driving home.

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171 Bryce

Oh my god my name is Bryce, I do have a tendency to talk about ponies to much and I sometimes spew my nonsensical liberal beliefs out in the public and I may jerk off to ponies (cartoon not real ponies) but I'm a pretty nice guy other than that

Troublemaker. Jail bird. Douche bag. Druggie.

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172 Zayn

There's a reason this name is here.

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173 Brutus

Any body who knows on thing about Ancient Greece knows why this is here. Cough cough*Ceaser's assassination*Cough cough.

Educate yourself. Brutus was ceasers assassin. Ceaser was ROMAN, not Greek.

Et tu brutus?

174 Alfred

The smart geeky kids who think they know everything.

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175 Brett

Brett's are the ones who have the biggest ego. Mostly handsome, but they have that mid-range voice that can bust your eardrums if they talk too long. Plus they are funny, and tell the best jokes. Also they are players. Every week they have a new girlfriend/boyfriend or a new best friend. They aren't an eyesore, but fall for one and they'll break your heart, so beware the Brett's and Bret's.

176 Neal V 1 Comment
177 Damien V 1 Comment
178 Tom

I know a Tom who flirts with every female organism on the planet, and some of the male ones too

Tom's such a generic name, it symbolises how lively and exciting the owner is

I married a tom, he was such an ass and he flirted with every girl on the block.

179 Samuel
180 Gunner

I Know a Gunner Here's What Most Kids With The Name Gunner are like!
They Are Around 13 years old, Smoke Weed, Dropout of high school or in alternative School! Not making good grades,
People With The Name Gunner Also Think That there bigger and badder then everyone else but is really 4'14 And Has Soft Arms and pale skin, And has lost 14 fights And is still Trying to be hard and stupid

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