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Doug is a 1991 animated television series about a boy who narrates his encounters with common problems at school, often through imagination sequences. These are, in people's opinion, the best episodes from Doug from both the Nick and Disney versions.
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1 Doug's Halloween Adventure

A really great Halloween themed episode Doug and Sketer go to Funky Town to ride a new attraction which is a ride through an actual haunted house and of course Doug is terrified to go due to all the stories that he hears about including how the original owner and his wife died there after he stupidly forgets to put in a floor and they both feel to their deaths Rodger also joins and they get suck on the ride and Roger disappears them out even more until they run into the same hooded figure who runs the attraction and find that Rodger faked his disappearance and plan to trick them together with the hooded figure they scare Rodger and his friends, and in one creepy twist the creepy figure turned out to be the ghost of the guy who build the house.

Love the revenge plot at the end

2 Doug's Nightmare on Jumbo Street

Doug has a nightmare after watching a scary movie with his friends, after covering his eye's during the climax of the movie he is unable to stop thinking of the creature from the movie and tries several times to see the movie all they way to the end but keeps covering his eyes at the monsters reveal he even has a really creepy nightmare of the creature, he finally gets the courage to finally make it through the end of the movie with Porkchop's help and actually sees what the monster looks like and its not even that scary and he is finally able to conquer his nightmare.

Great episode bout facing fears

3 Doug Graduates

I love this episode, very dark and serious. Especially the part where he gets disowned and spirals into a depression where he gets addicted to heroin and quit by having sex with a goldfish every day to stabilize his own mood. Definitely the most memorable episode.

4 Doug Bags a Neematoad

The very first episode of the series to air Doug moves to Bluffington from Bloatsburg and meets with his new friends Skeeter, Mr. Dink and Patti as well as the ruthless Rodger Klotz who plays a prank on Doug by having him believe his had to capture a Neematoad to be a hero which he blindly falls for until he realizes that Rodger has been making him look like a fool but he gets the last laugh after Porchop dressed in mud has the boys thinking he's a real Neematoad and Doug bags him which prompts Rodger to try and catch one himself whci he does all the way until nightfall.

5 Doug's Mail Order Mania

Doug becomes the victim of a contest scam

6 Doug and Patti Sittin' in a Tree

Everyone at school is teasing Patti and Doug about dating

7 Doug's Door to Door

In the episode Doug and the Bluff Scouts have to sell chocolate bars to raise money to buy canoes, the problem the bars they have to sell Bluff scout booster bars are awful and everyone hates them because they say they taste like cement, as expected Doug is unable to sell a single bar until he sees Rodger selling all his bars by offering free samples which turns out he's been scamming people using expensive chocolate as the free samples to get people to but them when Doug questions his tactics Rodger claims that him lying is all for the good of the troop, Doug then tries to do the same with Mr. Swrile and offers to but all of his bars Doug realizes how wrong it is to lie and tells him the truth after giving him a sample of the actual bars and he too says it tastes like cement then asks the question that no one bother to ask who makes the bars then realizes that his company makes the bars as he and Doug drive to his factory and find that actual cement is being put into the chocolate ...more

Great episode bout business ethics

8 Doug's Birthday Present

Mr. Funnie makes more money for a better birthday present for his son

9 Doug Clobbers Patti

Doug feels bad about beating Patti

10 Doug's Last Birthday

I know a lot of people hated the first episode of the new Disney Doug but I actually enjoyed it basically a lot of things change for Doug which really worries him The Honker Burger becomes Chez Honk, The Beets break up, Rodger is rich, and Patti won't be going to school with him, so he decides to cancel his birthday party which the whole family knew he would as Judy puts everything in perspective for him reminding him back when he canceled his Birthday because he didn't want to move to Bluffington and if he had it his way he would have stayed with his old friends Arthur and Buster weird coincident back in Bloatsburg and he never would have moved to Bluffington and met his new friends or had all this adventures so he decides to have his Birthday after all, what I like about the episode is that its basically saying that things change and as much as we don't like it change is necessary in life its how we are able to grow and move on and I did kind of feel like Doug as I was getting older ...more

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11 Doug and the Yard of Doom

In a homage to the Sandlot Doug must get his frisbee from a huge guard dog

12 Doug on His Own

Doug is left on his own while his parents are away with his sister and Doug and Porkchop are having the time of there lives until a storm hits and causes a blackout leaving Doug and Porchop alone in the dark as Doug must overcome his fears and go down to the basement to fix the circuit breaker.

Good episode bout facing your fears

13 Doug Rocks The House

Patti gets angry at Doug and he has to figure out why

14 Night of the living Dougs

Doug's whole day is ruined after his sister Dirtbike destroys his costume for the costume for a party, Judy refusing to let him borrow one of hers, showing up at the costume shop only for them to close early and his favorite ice cream is discontinued, he then wished that everyone was more like him to his surprise everyone starts acting a lot like him they even bring back his favorite Ice Cream which now everyone likes but things start to creepily go bad for Doug as everyone literally starts turning into him and like in a horror movie all the Doug clones begin following him creepily chanting "Just like you! " but it all turns out to be a dream and he goes to the costume party dressed just as himself.

15 Patti's Dad Dilemma

In the episode Patti is worried that her father is dating Rodger's mom and is horrified of the thought of her father marrying her and being related to Rodger she drags Doug into helping her spy at them but it turns out that Mr. Mayonnaise is not dating Rodger's mom but instead is seeing their teacher Mr. Krystal, things come to afull head at dinner when Patti confront Ms. Krystal telling her that she's trying to replace her mom and steal her father from her, Patti and her father do eventually talk things out while visit her mothers grave and there's also a minor thing Doug finds out from Judy that his pet hamster died and the reason he wasn't told about it was that he was just a little kid when it happened and they weren't sure if he could handle the news.

16 Doug Grows Up
17 Doug and Patti P.I.
18 Doug Flies a Kite
19 Doug's Big Panic

Doug's school is putting on a really weird musical based off Leonardo Di Vinci which Guy Graham has Skeeter write the script and keeps adding more ridicules stuff to the musical, Patty gets the main female role of Mona Lisa and Doug auditions for the lead of Leonardo mainly because their's a kissing scene between Leonardo and Mona Lisa but of course Guy who also has the hots for Patti and is the director ruins his chance by casting himself as Leonardo and making Doug an extra, but come the performance Guy is unable to perform and Doug steps in to play Leonardo as expected the play is as ridicules as you would expect with all the crazy things Guy demanded in it including the the Civil War with Guy not knowing that the Civil War took place years after Da Vici's death and he didn't even know the name of the guy who won the war or what side won, the musical goes smoothly for Doug and his opportunity to finally kiss Patti but as usual fate steps in and ruins Doug's chance when Patti to ...more

20 Doug's Cartoon
21 Doug's Hoop Nightmare
22 Doug: A Limited Corporation
23 Doug's Patti Beef
24 Doug's Brainy Buddy
25 Doug's in the Money
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