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1 Nola

Classic southern metal album pure masterpiece. Not one bad track on this one the water bong solo from hail the leaf is epic!

Man Nola is a pure masterpiece I'm gonna rate all of downs albums 1. Nola 8.3 2. Down II 7.5 3. Down III 6.3 4. Down IV Part I 6.5 5. Down IV Part II 6.8

I prefer down over any pantera album! Philip really shine here, and those power riffs 👍🏻

2 Down II: A Bustle In Your Hedgerow

Another classic Down album this one featuring Rex Brown from Pantera on bass best tracks ghosts along the Mississippi, Stained Glass Cross, Beautifully Depressed.

3 Down III: Over the Under

This album is a hard pick for me I mean nola is my favorite but I'm always torn between down II and down III 4/5 stars great album. - horrorfan89

Good album not a masterpiece like 1 and 2 but does have some great songs my favorite is three sins one star and on march the saints.

This album should be above 4 part 2 I like a few songs off the new Ep but 3 is a lot better

All down albums are great this one is awesome.

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4 Down IV Part I - The Purple EP

Last album featuring Kirk to me they have to have the four original members Phil, Kirk, Pepper, and Jimmy.

5 Down IV Part II

Man I love all of down material but this new album is good even though kirk's gone the worst song on the album is the single "we knew him well" which I think the song is about kirk leaving the band. But my favorite has to be the last track the 9 minute long "Bacchanalia" the rest of the songs are good I just don't care for the single too much but its decent.

6 Down Diary of a Mad Band (Live)
7 Over the Under
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