Album Review: Compton

Mcgillacuddy Okay, I wanted to try this out. This an older album but I wanted to use it for my first album review on this site. My style is reviewing an entire album track by track, so let's just get into it.

Artist: Dr. Dre
Released August 7, 2015

Intro: 9/10
A simple, quick intro explaining the history of Compton and what it's turned into. The background music sounds good and leads nicely into the next track.

Talk About It: 10/10
A great start for the album. The rhythm is excellent and live, more like a club banger. Quite necessary for the start of an album. It needs to get the listener hyped.

Genocide: 9/10
Great beat and excellent verse from Kendrick Lamar, as usual.

It's All On Me: 8/10
A quick slowdown early in the album. The lyrics are pretty good and each rapper utilizes their verses.

All in a Day's Work: 10/10
Utilizes a very intriguing performance from Anderson .Paak and it sounds excellent, rhythm and all. Deserves a perfect score from me.

Darkside/Gone: 8/10
Darkside has a very different flow to it. Actually took me a couple of listens to get used to it. Gone is more simple. The tempo is low and the verses may be a bit quick for the rhythm, but that actually drew my attention closer to the lyrics, and it sounds great. Oh, and also, expect some murder from Kendrick.

Loose Cannons: 9/10
A highly mixed up song with 3 separate rhythms, but it's Xzibit who takes the stage here. The rhythm on his part has a very good drive and he does a good job with sort of acting out his verse, which is pressure. The ending skit was also good, mainly because of the realism in it, or maybe I watch too many movies. Idk but I saw it fitting to put on a performance for the ears.

Issues: 10/10
Very good song. I love the rhythm and Ice Cube was fired up. I also love the chorus line from Dem Jointz. The ending with the shooting and the cop chase sounds mixed with Dem Jointz voice made me kinda tear up. LoL I know, I'm crazy but that happens when songs do that.

Deep Water: 11/10
Yes, I know I put one point over the score limit, but this is my highlight of the album. The rhythm is insane and Kendrick Lamar's verse gave me goosebumps.

One Shot One Kill: 10/10
A fire track. Main reason is because the verses are easy flow with the rhythm, making the song quite fun.

Just Another Day: 10/10
"IT'S MOTHAF***IN' GAME TIIIIIIME!" Yeah, I guess whenever you hear something like that at the beginning of a song, you know it's gonna be fire. This track was all The Game. I found it quite awkward that his voice was autotuned to a higher pitch mid-point of the song, though. I actually pretend that someone else did the verse to keep it from feeling awkward. A short but banging track.

For the Love of Money: 10/10
Jon Connor's verse is the hotness. His strong profanity and quick pace just fit so well with the rhythm. Of course, Dre and Anderson .Paak do their jobs the right way on the track, as well.

Satisfiction: 7/10
Didn't grab my attention as much as the other tracks on the album but still sounds decent. It has an old school rhythm, but it still didn't feel hard enough.

Animals: 9/10
A lyrically intriguing song with another great performance from Anderson .Paak.

Medicine Man: 10/10
Dre gets down to business on this beat and Anderson .Paak has his quick moment, but we're here for Eminem. My God, Em. Like seriously, what happened here? Eminem murdered the absolute hell out of his verse, and the change to a club banging rhythm made it even better.

Talking to My Diary: 10/10
Here we get to close the album with a very classic style in rap music. The rhythm is awesome; like seriously one of the best I've heard, and a great performance from Dre with an epic ending instrumental. The perfect way to end an album.

I'm not going to lie right now. Compton is one of the greatest rap albums I've ever listened to. Dre paid homage to his hometown the right way, bringing together an all-star cast: Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Anderson .Paak, Xzibit, Snoop Dogg, BJ the Chicago Kid, Jill Scott, Ice Cube, Cold 187um, Jon Connor, The Game... I mean, come on. That's what you call epic, right there. And the thing about it is that every artist pulls no punches. They don't waste their verses, And the rhythms are just insanely well-produced. Dr. Dre still has great talent and an incredible ear for music. Best performances on the album were from Kendrick, Anderson .Paak, since they were on multiple songs. The best performances on single songs were from Eminem, Jon Connor, and The Game.

Overall Rating:


Amazing review! Hope to see more of this in the future. - SwagFlicks

I'll see if I can work with more album reviews in the future, right now I'm focusing on movie reviews. I'm trying to keep up with the new stuff coming out, and I may do a review for The Life of Pablo. - Mcgillacuddy

Better or worse than To Pimp A Butterfly? - WonkeyDude98

Very hard to say actually. As far as the meaningful lyricism, To Pimp A Butterfly takes it. As far as rhythm production and versatility, I would go with Compton on that. Both albums are great, but I would say that To Pimp A Butterfly is very superior. - Mcgillacuddy

I listened to Medicine Man the other day, and was absolutely blown away. The chorus isn't fantastic, but after the irredeemable monstrosity that was the SouthPaw soundtrack, I DID NOT EXPECT EMINEM TO DO THAT.

That makes me want to listen to the rest of the album! - WonkeyDude98