Best Drag Queen from Rupaul's Drag Race Season 6

The Top Ten

1 Bianca Del Rio
2 Adore Delano
3 Courtney Act
4 BenDeLaCreme

Cream rises to the top. - Gaymer

5 Milk

Milk, she does a body good girl - Sharkie

Milk Is so amazing - Izalien

6 Joslyn Fox

Most underrated queen ever. Her snatch game and reading were some of the strongest in herstory. I love Courtney but she was awful to Joslyn. Keep it foxy, wonk wonk

7 Laganja Estranja
8 April CarriĆ³n
9 Darienne Lake

Yes she was catty but Bianca is the shadiest bitch about and is loved. Adrienne was funny, witty and a killer lip syncer. I love Dela but she got slaughtered twice going up against Darienne

Darienne lake is my least favourite queen ever, she's such a bitch - pjo

10 Gia Gunn

The Contenders

11 Trinity K. Bonet

Yes she was always down and negative but boy could she perform a lip sync. Killed April and Milk. And personally I think she did better that adore

12 Magnolia Crawford
13 Vivacious
14 Kelly Mantle
15 Alaska Thunderf**k

Alaska was season 5 not 6 - pjo

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