Top 10 Drag Queens from Australia to Be In the 1st Australian Series of Drag Race

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21 Sasha Trajik-Mole

An amazing drag Queen with a lot of talent and imagination. wouldn't be a drag race if Sasha wasn't there

Sasha' literally excretes personality, she will always turn the party!

What ever the song genre might be, Sasha will always TURN IT OUT!

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22 Vanity Faire

Very talented and fantastic

23 Nova China

Very attractive girl with no-va-gina.. Lipsincs to perfection

24 Tara Raboomdeay
25 Isis Avis Loren

Isis is perfection. Kind, generous, classy and sassy! A true sister and a great entertainer

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26 Bunnie Deane
27 Christina Andrews

Flawless Fierce Diva- works the stage and is super nice, AMAZING performer

Amazing, dynamic performer with amazing lipsync ability. Extremely popular and versatile, wicked sense of humour.

Does great character assimilation with mad lipsinc skills and a wardobe to die for

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28 Crystal Dior

Gorgeous and talented! Crystal Dior is such a fantastic performer and so glam.

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29 Kandii Rhinestone

Incredible performer, absolutely full of life, best personality, love Kandii to bits!

Gorgeous girl with talent, personality and fierceness to boot!

She is a beautiful, Talented Drag Queen would love to see her on the show x

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30 Anita Mandinite

Creative, over the top. Comedy QUEEN!

Creative queen from Newcastle

31 Tora Hymen
32 Amelia Mole

Absolutely talented and by golly gosh - what a performer! Kind, caring and beautiful. #ache

Amazingly talented and oh so beautiful! Such a sweet personality as well! Vote Amelia!

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33 Marsha Mel Low

Asian bombshell down under

34 Mandy Moobs

Always is up for some rum, can run up a kaftan in record time and can make the audience feel all warm inside with her one of a kind laugh

Incredibly talented and versatile performer. Love watching her every time she's on stage!

She is crafty as she is talented! Gorgeous performer that's always so pleasant to be around

She is a huge star with the personality to match.

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35 Lulu Boutin
36 Amber Dextrous

Who doesn't love a queen with a couch for an arse? Funny, gorgeous, talented queen. Oh, and her Call Me Maybe is legendary.

Still the best in Newcastle, by far.

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37 Bebe Gunn

No one puts Bebe in the corner

38 Rhubarb Rouge
39 Pashion

An amazing person, and performer

So very talened and such a creative... Performer... She would shine on this Show ♡

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40 Amena Jay Alura

Absolutely classy and beautiful, a heart of gold and talent for days. Melbourne's darling

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