Top Ten Dragon Ball Characters That Shouldn't Be So Powerful


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41 Zeno Zeno V 1 Comment
42 Kid Buu Kid Buu

So, even SSJ3, who already in SSJ1 form was supposed to be strongest in the entire Universe, was ONLY equal to a monster made from... Wait for it... NOTHING!

Magic is life energy right? Oh ok

43 Zenkai

It is just a ridiculous plot device and it destroyed the human characters usefulness.

I didn't know "ZENKAI" was a character

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44 Kid Gohan Kid Gohan

He was able to surpass all of the other Z-fighters at the age of 9. But unfortunately the buu saga made that seem like it never happened, especially since they made Goten (who had only been trained by Chi-Chi, one of the weakest main characters in the show) significantly stronger than him.

45 Freecell

Frieza and Cell went to the other world and they lost there fights so they should have fused and got a power level over Goku's.

The only reason they surpassed him because with all fusion it multiples your power. So with the fusion they used, was the formula f(2) + c(2)=fc^2 with f=Frieza and c=Cell.
With Vegito it was 10(v(10) + g(10))= Vegito. Makes sense

46 GT No Mystic Gohan

It's not that he wasn't mystic. It's just that he is both non canon and not a fighter, and that Mystic Gohan was nothing next to Buu, let alone Omega Shenron. Also, bad writing pooped on him.

I don't see why he wouldn't be able to use a transformation just because he slacked off.

47 Mercenary Tao
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