Top Ten Dragon Ball / DBZ / Dragonball Z / GT / Super Characters We Want as S.H. Figuarts & Bandai Dragon Stars Action Figures

There's many Tamashii Nations Bluefin S.H. Figuarts & Bandai Dragon Stars series action figures but there are still many high demand characters that have not been made. There's already far too many variations and versions of the likes of Goku & Vegeta and instead of more of the same, which never-before-seen characters would you like released at the Dragon Stars & SH Figuarts scale?

The Top Ten

1 Zarbon Zarbon Zarbon is Frieza's right hand man and highest ranking Commander and General in an army of millions. He is always beside his master and emperor, Lord Frieza, following his orders and carrying out his dirty work alongside his comrade, Dodoria. Zarbon is responsible for advising Frieza on numerous matters, more.

Zarbon is my number one most highly anticipated action figure and looking forward to seeing him in the Figuarts & Dragon Stars series. Zarbon has many Banpresto & Bandai collectibles but none are action figures. There's lots of statues and non-poseable figurines (around 70 of them) but no action figures as of yet. It would be great to have a highly articulated Zarbon both for the SH Figuarts series & the Dragon Stars series at the 5-6 inch scale. For the Figuarts, he can come with inter-changeable armor as well as cape & scouter & possibly his monster form as addendum features to go along with the additional headsculpts for multiple facial expressions like how Nappa was released. Additionally, the Namekian Dragon Balls as accessories would be great & he can come with one of his sleek blasts with open palm style. For the Dragon Stars series, it would be great to have a Zarbon as a base figure in the set and his monster form be a BAF (Build-a-figure) for collecting the full set. Bandai ...more - PrinceZarbon

2 Dodoria Dodoria Dodoria is one of Frieza's top two right hand men and in an army of millions. He is always beside his master and emperor, Frieza, following his orders and carrying out his dirty work alongside his comrade, Zarbon. Dodoria is responsible for advising Frieza on numerous matters and remains loyal to Frieza more.

Dodoria is the second most important piece needed for a complete Namek arc right after Zarbon. There's already plenty of variations of all the heroes and even Frieza at the 5-inch scale. There's still no articulated Dodoria, and although the size and posture may seem restricted, it's not impossible because we already got a Majin Buu for the Figuarts lineup and it is poseable just fine. Dodoria can come with his armor and scouter as well as Dragon Balls as accessories and even a mouth blast attack. Both Zarbon and Dodoria are necessary components for collectors & should be included in the Figuarts & Dragon Stars lineup. Dodoria has a unique look as well, with protruding spikes and rotund shape along with pink color palette would make for an amazing action figure. - PrinceZarbon

3 Cui Cui Cui is an elite soldier in Frieza's galactic army who is directly under Zarbon and Dodoria by rank. Cui is a purple-skinned alien, his power level is approximately 18,000 and he is Vegeta's rival. After revealing to Vegeta that Frieza is gathering the Dragon Balls on Planet Namek, he follows Vegeta more.

Cui is the third by my choice as he is the third highest elite right after Zarbon and Dodoria. His fish-like facial mold and purple color palette make him a great addition. Would love to see him come with armor and scouter. Some blast attack features can be nice accessories for his Figuarts. He's got the neon green boots and the unique gloves too. - PrinceZarbon

4 Jeice Jeice

Of all the Ginyu Force, Jeice would be the one I'd like most in Dragon Stars & Figuarts. Yes, we did get a less poseable figure from Irwin & Jakks re-released the mold with some upgrades, but they are very much in need of improvement. He can come with his scouter & armor along with one of his Crusher Ball techniques and be a great addition since he has a red palette and long white hair. - PrinceZarbon

5 Burter Burter

Burter was released by Irwin & Jakks but also in a less poseable manner. We can get a more upgraded one for Figuarts and Dragon Stars releases. He has a unique darker blue tone, reptilian scales, and much impression on the red eyes would make for a unique figure. For his accessories, he can come with a blue speed effect & purple comet flash attack and scouter and armor. - PrinceZarbon

6 Recoome Recoome

Recoome only had one poseable figure released by Jakks many years ago and it saw a few re-releases but none would be as good as a Figuarts & Dragon Stars figure. The figure can come with multiple expressions as well as his battle-damaged armor and scouter & some blast features such as the Recoome Bomber (Recoome Bomba) & some electrifying effects with sparks for his Recoome Ultra Fighting Bomber. He can also come with two hairstyles as one is burnt from battle damage and the other features the full hairstyle. - PrinceZarbon

7 Guldo Guldo Guldo is an anime fictional character from the anime series, Dragon Ball Z, created by Akira Toriyama.

Guldo is a smaller character and can be included as an accessory piece like how Chiaotzu was in Figuarts Tien & the Saibamen as part of the Figuarts Yamcha or as part of the Dragon Stars series as a separate piece. He can have a large tree bark as his accessory and armor. He has a unique design with the four eyes and green amphibious skin and would make for a great action figure even at the 3-4 inch scale. He was never released by Irwin or Jakks so this would be the first poseable figure for him as well. - PrinceZarbon

8 Android 19 Android 19

Would be great to see Android 19 with his pale tone and rotund physique along with his great clothing apparel. Android 19 got a figure under the Irwin series but it wasn't very poseable. It had a great mold but showcased him with his hat on. Would be great to get him with a removable hat so we see the cranial structure and the glass container. Another battle damaged decapitated variation of his head would be great too because the glass is cracked and some of the wires and metal show through in a unique way. These would all make for great Figuarts accessories for him. Additionally, he can come with multiple sets of hands which can show his energy absorption technique as an effect accessory. He would make for a great action figure and a much upgraded one since Irwin is needed for him at the Figuarts and Dragon Stars scale. - PrinceZarbon

9 King Cold King Cold

King Cold also had a figure by Jakks but it had many limitations. His Figuarts can come with the sword accessory and cape as well as his horns and possibly a wine glass for style. He can be a BAF for the Dragon Stars series as he would make for a much larger scale figure. - PrinceZarbon

10 Raditz Raditz Raditz is an anime fictional character from the anime series, Dragon Ball Z, created by Akira Toriyama.

The Contenders

11 Dabura Dabura

The demonic and devilish look is highly needed for this collection and Dabura had many releases and re-releases both by Irwin and Jakks but they used the same mold with minor adjustments but his arms were very much in need of poseable features. In one release, his arms were completely immobile. It would be great to see him as Figuarts and Dragon Stars. He can come with his Hell Blitz & Evil Blast for the Figuarts and cape and sword for Dragon Stars. This would make for a great unique piece both for a Dragon Ball collection and for a figure overall. - PrinceZarbon

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