Best Dragon Ball Memes

Considering how much of a cultural icon the Dragon Ball series is, it's inevitable there's a massive ton of memes dedicated to some of the series's most memorable characters and moments.

What's your favorite and/or thoughts on the most renowned memes the Dragon Ball series has to offer.

The Top Ten Best Dragon Ball Memes

1 OVER 9000!!!

At first, I thought Vegeta said "silver 9000" LOL. When I first heard it though, I didn't know Vegeta said it or that it was from Dragonball. An AMAZING meme though. - PhoenixAura81

This one needs no explanation. In fact, Vegeta himself is a meme goldmine. - CrimsonShark

Vegeta is the meme king - AliciaMae


2 Jiren Facts

Considering how overpowered Jiren was during his screentime, there were a chock-ton of memes put onto him. One of the best examples are him being made out to have Jiren having performed something completely impossible or be the Dragon Ball equivalent of Chuck Norris! Here are some examples from these so-called Jiren Facts -

"Jiren doesn't follow rules, rules follow Jiren"

"Jiren answered a missed call"

"Jiren does not have a reflection because there can be only one Jiren"
"Jiren lost his virginity before his parents did"

"Jiren can throw the house out of the window" - CrimsonShark

3 If they set that Android Free, it will be the End for ALL OF US! NO!!!

The scene where Future Trunks destroys Dr. Gero's laboratory in a failed attempt to prevent the android twins from awakening Android 16 came off with Eric Vale delivering an epic, but hammy overreaction in his line delivery. Its since gone on to spinoff as a meme, with the dialogue being referenced or changed to fit a different context. - CrimsonShark

4 Gowasu the GodTuber

Gowasu was seen looking at the fight between Goku and Hit in what seems to be a streaming service. Said service is a name pun on YouTube, called GodTube. As a result, many fans have taken to interpret Gowasu as an up-and-coming "GodTuber".

Get's even more hilarious when there is an actual streaming service called GodTube, which hosts videos based on Christianity. - CrimsonShark

Lol, imagine if there was a YouTuber names Gowasu.

That's a super soul gowasa has in Xenoverse 2

5 5 Minutes

The infamous line said by Frieza has since become an allegory to showcase how tedious and inconsistent the Dragon Ball series can get when it comes to calculating the timeframe of a fight, event or saga. - CrimsonShark

6 Yamcha Pose

No explanation needed here. It's gotten referenced several times throughout the series and even outside Dragon Ball. - CrimsonShark

7 Bardock was an average fighter, but a brilliant scientist

But it's true.

This line was said by Vegeta in the Ocean Dub, whilst claiming that it was Bardock who invented the Power Moon technique that allowed Saiyans to transform into Great Apes at any given moment. Its pretty evident that its pretty absurd, given what kind of race Saiyans are made out to be, let alone how Bardock is portrayed like. - CrimsonShark

8 Gohan is the new Yamcha

Although its referenced and mentioned several times, it still needs to be noted. The fact that Gohan became a chew toy throughout Dragon Ball Super did not help with the amount of scrutiny he was getting, and many fans took to start comparing him to Yamcha overtime. This is subverted by the Universal Survival Arc, but it still needs to be given a thought. - CrimsonShark


While this phrase is normally associated with Broly, the character actually never said this line. It actually originated from an 8 year old Broly fanboy, who was given the question of "If you were a superhero, who would it be? ". He responded with Broly (Dismissing the fact he's not a hero to begin with) and his reason was, you guessed it, "His power is maximum! ". - CrimsonShark

10 Super Saiyan Power Rangers

There's a parody video called "Goku Saiyan Rangers"

Considering how there's now several different Super Saiyan transformations featuring different hair color, it didn't take long for fans to suddenly start comparing these transformations to the Power Rangers. Eventually, the YouTube channel CartoonHooligans made two spoof videos featuring several different transformations of Goku as a Power Rangers team :P. - CrimsonShark

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11 Goku is the worst bad guy in all anime
12 Frieza is cool, but his brother is Cooler
13 Gohan, Dodge!
14 Nappa Pokémon Memes
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