Top Ten Best Dragon Ball Partnerships

The Top Ten Best Dragon Ball Partnerships

Vegeta and Goku


The two strongest people in the universe! When these guys team up, they are practically unstoppable! Fusion or not, they kick butt.

Vegeta and goku are best because they made vagito ssj vegito and gogeta they should be on 1st

This starts from saiyan saga as goku saved vegeta from krillin
Can't you even see which duo beat cooler, brily, janemba and even kid buu - rohitvarma

Krillin and Goku

I am so glad that this guy made this list but even if he did not this would still be #1 if I made this list

They are very good friends and I am glad they are number one.

These two guy's make the best dragon ball friend's from episode 14 of dragon ball to episode 64 of dragon ball gt

Zarbon and Dodoria
Burter and Jeice

Awesome team up and a funny team up to. One is blue and tall and the other is red and short, I wish I saw these two team up against someone like krillin and gohan, it woudve been entertaining to see their attacks and to see them win a fight, since all they versed was the strong characters like Goku and vegeta. But yeah love watching these two fight even when they lose

Recoome and Guldo
Gohan and Piccolo

I lvoe these two they have the best firendship in the series and Gohan fueled Piccolo's character development. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Nappa and Raditz
Android 19 and Dr. Gero
Future Gohan and Past Trunks
Spopovich and Yamu

The Contenders

Dabura and Babidi
Tien and Chiaotzu

What an amazing friendship they have. Tien and Chiaotzu might as well be brothers, because they're so close. And Chiaotzu is so cute. I wish they would have make a few episodes in Dragon Ball to explain their companionship. Probably the best 2 partners in the entire series.

They have an everlasting strong bond between each other.

They have the most amazing bond.

Gohan and Krillin

They were a cool duo. They often fought together on Namek. Krillin took care of Gohan easily, tried to keep him from the dangerous. Gohan on Namek when he saw Krillin drowing got furious and attacked Freeza. Krillin when was injured after Recoom attack looked with horror when Recoom attacked Gohan and he couldn't do anything. Krillin risked his life to save Gohan when he was uncounscious after Freeza attacked.

In Garlic jr. Saga Krillin saved Gohan from attack one of Garlic's warriors. In 10 movie Krillin saves Gohan from lava. Future Gohan goes ssj after Krillin's death. Gohan saves Krillin from one of mini cells. Gohan is happy when Krillin was brought to life. In DBZ second move Gohan and Krillin work together. In 5-7 they work together too. When Piccolo and Krillin were turned into stones by Dabura Gohan wants to save them. After Goku's sacrifice to save earth only Krillin tried to comfort Gohan when he blamed himself for his father' s death. On 25th Tournament only Krillin ...more

Spice and Vinegar
Majin Buu and Mr. Satan (Hercule)
Cell and Frieza
Mustard and Salt
Goten and Kid Trunks

They have the best relationship on this list they were together since they were 8 and 7 years old

Goku and Pikkon
Videl and Chi-chi
Pan and Giru

These can somtimes be friend's, and somtimes be enemies.

Staff Officer Black and Commander Red
Goku and Piccolo

Can't you see this guys have got each others back on every fight, if it wasn't for piccolo gokus son gohan would be dead by now and its piccolo who buys time for goku to come to his strongest form.

Bills and Whis

First of all, Whis knows every move possible. And if they face a enemy stronger then them, they can fuse into something so powerful that would bring even a Super Saiyan Vegito to shame.

Saiyaman (Gohan) and Saiyaman 2 (Videl)

They make a good couple and they are two very good crime fighters

Gohan / videl are so cute together

Goku and King Kai
Krillin and Master Roshi

These two are decent friends

Android 18 and Android 17

They stuck together undefeated until getting absorbed

One of the best and strongest team ever enough said.

Their bro and sis enough said

How can master Roshi and Krillin be better then 17 and 18?!

Broly and Goku
Piccolo and Krillin
Trunks and Vegeta
Frost and Cabba
Tien and Yamcha

If there is any character in the series that Tien cares deeply for other than Chiaotzu then it is definitely Yamcha. These two make an excellent team and bond between them as well as Chiaotzu. Their first fight at the martial arts tournament in Dragon Ball was exhilarating (except that Tien broke Yamcha's leg at the end), their training with each other is absolutely exciting because they are almost equal in power. A lot of people are gonna hate me on this but really Yamcha is one of the toughest characters alongside Tien because hey! He beat Goku and he was the first character to master his own moves except the kamehameha.

Goku and Nuova Shenron
Abo and Kado
Yamcha and Puar
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