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1 Goku vs Hit Goku vs Hit

Best fight ever

I want Goku and Hit xxx


This is my favorite fight in db super

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2 Goku vs Jiren

Main fight of whole series

This fight was intense and nail biting as itself only, showcase every single form Goku had at the moment, signifying the progress he made in the series so far, and yet it barely fazed Jiren, the Ultra Instinct scene was purely phenomenal, and like, all of those elements plus the visuals and animation? And its not No. 1? For real? - Enmanu16

Easily the greatest fight in Dragon Ball history.

Wonderfully choreographed, animated, directed, and brings a lot of emotion too. One of the best fights in all of Dragon Ball.

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3 Goku (SSG) vs Beerus Goku (SSG) vs Beerus

I love this fight, it is one of the best fights ever and to me it should be at number 1.epic fight scenes,badass background music,and the AWESOME graphics

This is a fight that defiantly earns number 1 spot on this list as Goku gets beaten the crap out of beerus and comes back up in fights again

That fight was so badass

4 Vegeta vs Magetta Vegeta vs Magetta

Despite effectively tactical, this was kinda dull, boring and unimpressive, take it out of here - Enmanu16

5 (SSGSS) Vegeta vs (Golden) Frieza (SSGSS) Vegeta vs (Golden) Frieza
6 Vegeta vs Cabba Vegeta vs Cabba

best fight - danimey

7 Piccolo vs Frost Piccolo vs Frost
8 Majin Buu vs Basil
9 Goku and Trunks vs Black Goku and Zamasu

Should be in the top three, because this fight is awesome - LuminousSaiyan27

Best fight in the Black Saga, the variety of techniques and Black's ruthless ferocity really stood out from most Super fights - Enmanu16

10 Gohan & Piccolo vs Tagoma/Ginyu Gohan & Piccolo vs Tagoma/Ginyu

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11 Master Roshi vs Ganos
12 Jiren vs Goku, Frieza, and No.17

Easily the best, sheer pressure of it all

The last fight of Super

13 Goku vs Frost Goku vs Frost
14 (SSGSS) Goku vs (Golden) Freeza (SSGSS) Goku vs (Golden) Freeza
15 Vegeta vs Frieza
16 Monaka vs Hit Monaka vs Hit

Hit had another thing coming.

Best fight in anime and T.V. history monaka is best chartchtr

Hit never stood a chance


17 Vegito vs Fused Zamasu
18 Goku and Vegeta vs Universe 9
19 Goku (Ultra Instinct) vs Kefla

Per me uno degli scontri meglio gestiti in tutto dragon ball super con un bel finale epico

20 Goku (Mastered Ultra Instinct) vs Jiren (Awakened Hidden Power)

Amazing. I gave a review to the other Goku vs Jiren fight, but I meant to give it to this. I assume the other Goku vs Jiren at 3 was the one in 109 and 110.

Should be first

21 Z-Fighters vs Beerus Z-Fighters vs Beerus
22 Goku (SS3) vs Beerus Goku (SS3) vs Beerus
23 Vegeta vs Beerus Vegeta vs Beerus
24 Z-Fighters vs Frieza Soldiers Z-Fighters vs Frieza Soldiers

Glad to see the other characters deserving spotlight time.

25 Trunks vs Black Goku
26 Goku, Vegeta & Emperor Frieza vs. Broly (Dragon Ball Super: Broly) Goku, Vegeta & Emperor Frieza vs. Broly (Dragon Ball Super: Broly)

Broly's modernized rampage will require all of the Z Fighter's might, all Super Saiyan God forms, Golden forms and quite possibly Ultra Instinct forms, will take on Broly as he becomes the most savagely powerful DBS foe to date, this fight will be outstanding - Enmanu16

27 Goku vs Black Goku
28 Goku vs Botamo Goku vs Botamo
29 Vegeta vs Hit Vegeta vs Hit

This fight barely lasted more than a minute duh... - Goku02

30 Vegito Blue vs Merged Zamasu
31 Gohan vs Lavender
32 Goku vs Gohan
33 Vegeta vs Frost Vegeta vs Frost
34 Goku Vs Monaka/Beerus
35 Gotenks vs Copy-Vegeta
36 Goku vs Zamasu
37 Goku vs Frieza
38 Goku vs Copy-Vegeta
39 Super Saiyan Blue Goku Vs Super Saiyan Rose Black Goku
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1. Goku vs Hit
2. Goku (SSG) vs Beerus
3. Vegeta vs Magetta
1. Goku vs Hit
2. Goku (SSG) vs Beerus
3. Vegeta vs Magetta
1. Majin Buu vs Basil
2. Master Roshi vs Ganos
3. (SSGSS) Vegeta vs (Golden) Frieza

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