Top Ten Dragon Ball Techniques

Which is the best technique in the entire Dragon Ball series (including Dragon Ball Z and GT)?

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1 Final Flash

Extremely strong and broke the effect of gravity. Kamehameha is so lame. It's used all the time and just boring. Final flash is way more destructive. Vegeta evolves his moves on his own. Goku just beefs up a move he learned from someone else, besides the spirit ball kamehameha is his only attack. Uncreative and extremely bland.
Vegeta is innovative and creates his own extremely powerful techniques. Spot deserved.

Without a doubt, this attack is awesome, destructive and memorable. However, the kamehameha not only is as powerful as the final flash (when Goku releases enough power), but is the most well known signature attack of all anime ever. It's appearance sound and name are all recognized by even non dbz people and holds a place in the hearts of fans that the final flash never will.

Was able to damage cell in his perfect form. Was able to break the gravity and the beam itself was sent out of the planet into outer space. Lol this thing is way more effective than what I had expected. It was even able to thrill me who thought that nowadays beam attacks are boring.

Final Flash is a cool move that Vegeta uses. The word Final and Flash make it sound like it's the opponents final moment and seeing a flash of their life before their eyes. This attack has a cool name and destructive power.

2 Kamehameha

Is actually more powerful than the final flash. (In the saiyan saga it does not count because goku was about 3 time weaker than vegeta.) Now that goku is stronger and can go ultra instinct. He is LEAGUES above vegeta.) I also know that vegeta just gets a new form. We will have to see what that in-tales in terms of power, but in the long run, Goku is stronger and there fore the Kamehameha is stronger.

How many of us growing up would chant Kamehameha like Goku and do the stance as well. Sure there r tons of beastly attacks but this is where it all begins.

The most legendary and classic attack, put this first where it belongs. This should be 1st and Spirit Bomb 2nd

Kamehameha is pretty much the signature attack of DBZ. Every DBZ fan knows what it is, and there are so many variations of it.

3 Spirit Bomb

My most favourite I love the fact it is formed from the energy taken from people by raising thei hands up..I raised my hand when goku was fighting kid buu lmao...I was a child then

I'm very disappointed to see what position spirit bomb is in. The spirit bomb killed kid buu. Kid buu had ultimate regeneration. He could regenerate just from being vapor!

It absorbs energy from every single living thing on a planet and forms it into a destructive energy spherical bomb. Not very useful though, if you're on Earth in the era of Black and Zamasu.

This is the top 10 strongest not supposed to be you know opinion based

4 Big Bang Attack

This attack was so violent that Android 19 was killed in a few seconds.

In games it also acts as a shield against ki attacks and also hits

A massive ball of destruction.

5 100x Big Bang Kamehameha

Just obvious. 100x the force of a big bang kamehameha. Already stronger than than a normal kamehameha, I'd say this is it.

It's the most powerful attack used by ss4 gogeta who is also the most powerful being in dragon ball universe till the end of dbgt.

This is composed of the 2 of the strongest attacks ever 100x hoe isn't this number 1

The big bang didn't destroyed 100 x is byfar not even used 1 time in dbz so untill u don't view u can't judge this thing.

6 Special Beam Cannon

Penetrated Radits, Goku, and two layers of Radits' armor when it was still a big deal. Piccolo could have taken down Friza with this.

An attack so great that even Frost was scared of it

I tried this move all the time in real life.

Turlas stopped it with his hand but I agree best move

7 10x Kamehameha

Red death wave

Because its goku ss4 attack

8 Death Ball

Death ball is one of my favorite attacks besides Double Sunday and Super Spirit Bomb.

Frieza used this to kill bardock (and 99% of his henchmen) and used this to destroy all of namek

Bardock didn't die, he was teleported back in time.

He never killed bardock

9 Tri-Beam

Neo Tri-Beam does 100x the user's power level in damage at the cost of life force. That's insane! If any of the saiyans or Buu used it it'd be a one shot against most villains. Tien also managed to slow down Cell with this despite Cell being way more powerful. Pretty underrated attack.

How is this not at least number 3? This attack doesn't just attack with your energy, but with your life force as well. Tien could even repel semi-perfect cell with this attack, and cell was about 1000 leagues above tien.

Seriously though, Tien slowing down Cell has to be the most badass, most power-level-defying moment in DBZ history, and it's all thanks to this insane technique.

The most powerful attack due to its energy usage compared to even the Kamehameha. OK attack that could be greater is the Spirit bomb depending on what you use to gather the energy.l and how much of it.

10 Burning Attack

The way trunks moves his arm may be gathering ki, with saiyan strength like his, he could keep doing that until he has a 'burning spirit bomb' or some sort of attack that contains lots of ki power.

Badass move Trunks does a bunch of badass arm movements with. Used this move in his fight with Frieza.


The Contenders

11 Final Kamehameha

So final flash is #1, Kamehameha is #2... Yet the combination of both is #7... That makes sense

This should be number 1 because it could destroy at least five planets at a time

Fusion of Super kamehameha and final flash. Think of the destruction!

You all are mad. This should be on no.2. The number 1 should beerus ball(sphere of destruction). I don't know in what world are voters are living. Argg!

12 Super Kamehameha

If kamehameha is 2nd then this is the better version so it deserves number 1. See this attack could be easily charge you guys just see the power see how much time final flash and spirit bomb take compare to that u can use it more times and can kill anyone.

This attack should be listed under the title "Kamehameha" because it is a variation of the attack. It is like saying that Gohan's Kamehameha is a different attack than Goku's Kamehameha.

A: why this even on here B:¿ C:if the other Kamehameha is just normal, why is it on the list?

13 Destructo Disk

Destructo disk was a interesting one that could be played as some sort of wild card, at least before enemies started regenerating. It would've killed napa without Vegeta there, almost killed Frieza, even bio- broly was stopped momentarily by it

Either this or spirit bomb are the strongest. the spirit bomb failed to kill Frieza but the Destructo Disk managed to cut his tail off, even though Krillin is many times weaker than him.

This attack could quite literally cut anyone in half. Could easily instantly kill most any villain

Should be like 11 honestly, this is a really op'd attack and no one gives it the respect it deserves.

14 Father-Son Kamehameha

Another variation of Kamehameha, so if your gonna put variants on the lis, at least ORDER THEM RIGHT! Only big bang Kamehameha x100 on this least beats the variant.

The sheer amount of power that Gohan unleashes during this attack is unreal. He is a walking Kamehameha and obliterates cell.

Gohan also uses this attack against legendary ssj broly


15 Kaioken

The first thing Goku ever mastered to power himself up, and a great way to build tension easily: using it makes you stronger temporarily, but hurts you in exchange

This technique is just epic! Outputting massive red aura then bulking up and multiplying you're strength. The destructive power is just devastating. If I could have any technique from dbz it would be kaioken!

My favorite move even though it's a power up. The move was bad ass until super saiyan came along. But I don't understand why you can't use it even in ssj form

They just showed it again in DB super. I got hyped for it. It looked insane

16 Body Change

Depends, I think it should be 13, because it is really useful to get a much stronger body, but it is harder to pull off.

17 Galick Gun

This move easily compares with the kamehameha, and just go look back at the buu saga when majin vegeta uses it to push back the kamehameha and in that scene it shows that they are both equaly strong.

Same as kamehameha but looks more cool with the dark lightning inside of it. pure badass

The person under my has no idea what they're talking about.

Move is the balls. Vegeta is the best character in the show

18 Omega Blaster

A classic, simple bad guy attack. Formed in one hand very quickly compared to other character's killing moves, and takes a lot of energy to overcome, seeing it took an entire family of super saiyans plus some backup to bash away and be the end of it's user

One of the most powerful moves ever used in dbz history, can destroy a planet first of all... What else do you need? It's used by a saiyan who's power is limitless so either you let him kill you fast or we could wait until you run out of power, broly& omega blaster best combo, against spirit bomb um could be a tie but against any other, forget about it just let broly destroy you quickly

With one hand. This is stronger than a kamehameha.

Well the omega is a big ball of death

19 Instant Transmission

Always handy to be able to leave the battlefield at any time, and to have a utility move that can't hurt people directly. Just generally useful in anyone's hands

It may not be a fancy attack beam or disk, but it is by the most useful technique in DBZ. If you were losing a fight and wanted to take a breather, instant transmition. Get a senzu bean or rethink your strategy, and you're good to go.

You cannot attack someone that you cannot catch, unless you know the technique yourself then you can be near where ever they went to, though you need to sence energy for it to work.

You can't kill someone that you can't catch.

20 Masenko

This attack is badass but weak and gohan never uses it since he is grown up this should go down.

Uhh... I don't think so. Kid gohan SUCKED. I mean, he was a brat! AND he's weak, so umm yea...
Lame attack.

If you don't know what attack this is, its special beam cannon

Come on this one was a badass

21 Stardust Breaker

Honestly? It's a hype machine attack. It just looks reeeeeaaaalllly cool. We've seen it twice ever, and in one it insta-kills the bad guy, while in the other it hurts a decent bit to show the characters that he deserves to live

No way this can be at 22...It's by far the coolest attack I've seen in Dragon Ball. Only Big Bang Kamehameha can beat it in power but Stardust Breaker looks more awesome.

If ssj4 gogeta did star dust breaker what do you think would happen

It has the power of multiples stars so that's multiple supernovas(star not frieze move.not even the big bang Kamehameha could beat it in power because that attack is more powerful than one supernova(star not frieze move.

22 Death Beam

Death beam is the best technique of frieza after super nova and death ball. It can destroy any super powerful man easy enough.

Death beam is a slick and flashy attack used by raising one finger and just firing away. Awesome!

Awesome attack! Love it

23 Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack

Super cool attack of pure awesomeness this should be in the top tens. Most creative attack too, not another boring beam of ki out of your hands...

Best move by gotenks, the best kid character

Awesomeness infinity, love Gotenks.

24 Spirit Sword

Has the most sickest animation and it's a sword but its not my favorite move final kamehama if I was to be a character his name will be Chaoxss and those will be my two ultimates. I'm sorry if this is long but if I was to create my own ultimate it would be named Contiegue Spirit which is like saiyan spirit but lighter blue and stronger and Chaoxss The Legendary Super Saiyan which I am A The Legendary Super Saiyan will prevale

This was used by vegito

25 Neo Tri-Beam

Tien's last shout and attempt to stay relevant, and it WORKED. He invented such a powerful technique on his own that he was able to hold back the main antagonist of the time single-handedly. This is important, considering Semi-Perfect Cell should've had a power level 100's of times larger than Tien, and yet he could still slam him into the dirt with this technique.

Compared to to the users powerlevel, this attack was ridiculous powerful. Semi-perfect Cell was multiple times stronger than Tien, and still he was pushing him down strike after another.

Held back semi perfect cell with a human using it

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