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41 Human Extinction Attack

Performed by Super Buu to extinct all humans

42 Buster Cannon
43 Hell's Flash

I had always loved Android #16. He's such a cool character. He beat the crap out of Cell by using this move.

44 Enlarge
45 Double Sunday

This was actually a pretty impressive attack. It even blew Piccolo's arm off.

46 Heat Dome Attack V 1 Comment
47 Candy Beam

Come on it can turn you into candy this should be in the top ten

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48 God Kamehameha

It is actually called the god flash Kamehameha

Gods perform this. It should be in top 5

Strongest version of kame hame ha

This is what it is really called.

49 Solar Kamehameha

Wait, so I just realized that there are like five variations of the Kamehameha on this list...

Cell s most powerful kamehameha. Used it against gohan s father-son kamehameha

Ok I quit this website. cell said it will destroy the entire solar system. I guess no one cares about cell.

50 Hadouken

For some reason I find it hilarious that this is on here. On number 32 for that matter! - Immersed24

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51 Machine Impact
52 Hell Spiral
53 Doomed
54 S.S. Deadly Bomber
55 Hadroken
56 Dragon Thunder
57 Devilmite Beam

Oh ya, he could kill omega shenron or even bills for that matter.

Haha. Forgot about this one. Totally the most powerful attack ever. Use your enemies power(evilness/hatred) against them.
Spike the devil man could have easily killed Omega Shenron with this.

58 Soul Excalibur/ Spirit Sword

I mean come on! How could any one not be impressed by a condensed sword of pure energy! Anyone who has played using vegito should know how devastatingly awesome this move is - anm991

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59 Solar Flare

It's swag and effectiveness are over 9,000!

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60 Galick Burst
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