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1 Nerddddd!!!!!!! - Picollo
2 Quack!! - Krillin

The special duck, sir! - Puca94

The SPACE duck!

-What a majestic creature... XDDD - KarovS

3 You're not dealing with the average Sayin anymore I have finally become the Legendary Super Sayin. - Vegata
4 Vegeta! Look a Pokemon. - Nappa
5 You bit my F****** tail! - Frieza
6 Are we there yet? - Nappa
7 I'm just saiyan - Vegeta
8 Like a bitch. - Frieza
9 I don't know what this Yamcha is, but it sounds disappointing - Guru
10 Ha ya dad's dead. - vegeta

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11 My best friends are a 26 year-old dwarf, and a giant green alien who constantly hits me. Still, better than my dad. At least they're around. - Gohan
12 Ah!!!!Ah!!!!Ah!!!!Ah!!!! - Krillin
13 Are... are you a Yoshi? - Goku
14 No, I fought Kakarot. Nappa fought everyone else. Well, except for that one scrub who got killed by a saiba… aaHHAAHAHA HAHAHAHAAA!!! - Vegeta
15 Minemineminemineminemineminemineminemine! - Vegeta
16 Kidney punch, kidney punch, kidney punch, kidney punch and pause kidney punch. - Frieza
17 Why didn't you DODGE!!! - Piccolo
18 Oh was that your nose? That was your nose - Frieza
19 Oh yeah I get ya, I never have any energy after I get a h****** either. BAH DAH BA BA DA BYE! - Krillin
20 Power levels are bulls***! - Vegeta
21 Seriously...! What the F*** is Namek?! - Dr. Gero
22 Muffin button!! Yeeeeeei! - Goku
23 I AM THE HYPE!!! - Vegeta
24 Jealous of my saiyan swagger - Vegeta
25 Woah, that sounded like it felt really good, now I have to do my neck. (Cracks neck) Oww, MY NECK! - Krillin
26 NO! None of that! Shame of you! - Bardock
27 I'm back b****es! - Vegeta
28 I'm Gonna Deck You In The shuss - Goku
29 Android 19: Executing Murder.exe...Loading...10%...20%...40%...70%...65%. Dr. Gero: Wait, what? Android 19: A fatal error has occurred. This program will now shut down. Would you like to send a report? Dr. Gero: No, don't send a report!
30 Everything looks the G****** same on this G****** planet! (Sees something) Wait a minute. A body! SOCIAL ACTIVITY! - Piccolo
31 Nana Nana Dende! Nana nana Dende! Dende! - Guru
32 Hello, Gohan, have you done your homework? 'Cause if you don't, Chi-Chi will KICK my ass! - Krillin
33 You know, I'm sure there was an advantage to building a fat robot, but for the life of me, I just don't see it. - Vegeta
34 The f**k's a condom? - Vegeta
35 You shall now refer to me as Super kami Guru - Guru
36 First immortality, then the b****es - Vegeta
37 I drink people. - Cell
38 I should probably send the ginyu families something, perhaps some wine or a gift basket...or maybe baskets with wine - Frieza
39 But Vegeta, tricks are for kids! - Nappa
40 Ow, my ribs! I think you broke my - Mmm, ribs... - Goku
41 My arm doesn't bend that way! My arm doesn't bend that way! (Cracks) Ow, now it does! - Nappa
42 You know what. All of you better duck because I'm about to turn left and I don't wanna smack you with my D***- Vegeta
43 Tell Vegeta like a b**h -freezer
44 How can you be semi-perfect? You're either perfect or you're NOT me. - Vegeta
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1. Quack!! - Krillin
2. Are... are you a Yoshi? - Goku
3. Power levels are bulls***! - Vegeta
1. Quack!! - Krillin
2. I'm just saiyan - Vegeta
3. Nerddddd!!!!!!! - Picollo
1. You're not dealing with the average Sayin anymore I have finally become the Legendary Super Sayin. - Vegata
2. Nerddddd!!!!!!! - Picollo
3. Vegeta! Look a Pokemon. - Nappa

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