Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3


This is the BEST Dragonball Z game EVER made. It has the largest Character selection then any fighting game EVER and it has the most accurate combos and moves for ever character on the game. This is the closest DBZ game to actually made you feel like you are the actually characters you play with. The new Ultimate Tenkaichi DBZ game can't even touch this game. Last but not lease, I am the best at this game so if there's any challengers out there, feel free to try to take me on laugh out loud.

With some intense fights, the unique tenkaichi gameplay, and an insane character roster. This game is amazing. While it may be lacking in story mode cutting out a lot of detail, who needs it when I'm pretty sure we all know the story by now. Another flaw is how some of the characters feel like copies of each other, you wouldn't really be all that bothered by it because they have the original Funimation voice actors giving them their own unique charm. The graphics are pretty good for a game of its era with a good bright and colorful vibe the series's animation has. This game is an overall blast to play with friends with some pretty intense, unique, and fun combat.

I have played UB22, B1, B3, but this was my first and last tenkaichi. Too bad I was never introduced to this sooner.

Best fighting game. Period. Still play it once in a while. Even though its a ps2 game and I have a ps3. This game makes it worth it.

The new dbz games the only decent one is raging blast. Seriously were the hell is BT4!?

Now ps4 is already out as well? Seriously they need to make a bt4 every thing from bt3+ raging blast + battle of Z.

Would be amazing.

Best dbz game ever made. It has all my favourite characters. Awesome gameplay, there are many other games but this is the best.

It brings a new mix into the dragon ball fighting genre and its smooth combinations of transformations and attacks is satisfying to play with, It has a large cast of characters and it feels a lot like a mortal combat game (basically making it good from the start). not only that but the characters don't look like arkward blocks (DBZ budokai tenkaichi), I would highly recommend playing it simply for how satisfying the game-play and experience can be.

first of all thers like every character in this game which gives great option. the combat is awesome and so is the story and I liked the (what if) stories or I might be confusing it wit tenkaichi 2

but this game own.

by the way krillin owns everybody. - arcanine

I love this game. It's the best DBZ game at the moment. It has every character and every transformation and fusion. It has great maps. The only thing it has not is "Create a Character". If they have added that feature, it would be the best game of all time.

By far among the best, if not the best, Dragon Ball Z video game there is. Sure, this game doesn't do everything right, but the battles are always cool and exciting. With a roster like Tenkaichi 3's, there's definitely some fun to be had!

It is the best game ever because of the largest character roster ever I just cannot see a game better than this it is one of the best games ever nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing is better than this legend

What I hate is that after this game they released Burst Limit that only went up to the Cell Saga. The roster is the best part although I want DBZ Heroes and that roster to come out in the rest of the world

I played dbz budokai tenkaichi 2 and then decided to try this game because I heard it was just as good or better. AND IT IS BETTER. Ok first of all even though tenkaichi 2 had a longer story mode and stuff it was just to long. I live on a farm and I just don't have time for basiclly the same battle 2 or 3 times in a row. Now in 3 the story is not as long but that is not bad it's good and gets the point of the story across without beating it in your head. Also it has online and the roster is awesome it even improved over 2 which I thought once was impossible. And have I got to the graphics and combat system yet? They really improved on the way the graphics look with how transformation are executed and the moves. The combat system is basiclly the same with a little difference to help balance out the offense and defense. I saw it's an overall improvement and recondmend this as one of the best dbz games. Hope u all have a blessed day captain universe out.

This game has the most extensive character list of all DB Games (Including GT characters), and the gameplay is the best.

I recommend this game to any Dragon Ball fan!

Nothing can top this. It's like being in full control. The characters play exactly like they should and it makes you feel like you're actually fighting as Z fighters.

It's really challenging but fun to play for an intire year I only played on normal now that I play on very strong it's even more fun and let me say this when you watch replays it actually looks like a real dbz fight aside from the graphics but it's an old game so we can cut it some slack best thing ever made by people ever

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 is better than others DBZ games on PS2 and PS3. Maybe a fourth Budokai tenkaichi episode will be better than the third on Wii and PS2!

Every thing is good in this list but you should put dragon ball z tenkaichi tag team too I have Dragonball Z Burst Limit and Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi I wish I have Dragon Ball z Raging Blast 2 in my opinion raging blast 2 is the best it just needs more charectars and efects like ultimate tenkaichi and it would be better to have hero mode but better than ultimate tenkaichi that's what I hope for the next dragon ball z game

This has by far the superior fighting style character roster and overall satisfying game I actually feel like I am in a dbz episode when I play

It was real fun playing this game, the game interphase is really simple, even a noob can master this game, had really good time with this game

Out of all the dbz games I've played, this ones by far is my most favorite. Best fighting style, most characters, great background music.

The best game ever made in the history of dbz until now but I think they should combine Budokai Tenkaichi 3 and Budokai Tenkaichi 2

No offense but this game sucks, its old, ugly graphics and ugly voice. Dragon ball z tenkaichi tag team is way better than tis game.

This game has awesome graphics and a HUGE roster. The only problem is the lacking story mode. But, it makes up for it. #1 DBZ game!

This game is so awesome I love the fusions and attack style and super+ultimate attacks this game deserves to be praised

Has most of the characters. Gameplay runs smooth. Ultimate attacks are dope. It they made a sequel that would be awesome.

Tenkaichi 2 was better because in that one you can play as kid goku and all of the organ characters from dragon ball