Top Ten Dragon Ball Z Relationships

Best Dragon Ball relationships (friends, lovers, fighting together... )

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1 Piccolo & Gohan

They are like father and son, best emotive moments. - raluka

The two of them changed each other for the better. Epsecially Piccolo changing lolol. - HeavyDonkeyKong

2 Goku & Krillin

Best friends ever and one of the series engines. - raluka

3 Goku & Vegeta

This guys make the best team imaginable, and together are so funny! - raluka

4 Krillin & 18

Amazing couple and great relief for the serie. They are lovely! - raluka

5 Goku & Piccolo

Excellent evolution with a good complicity. The crazy cars together was so great! - raluka

6 Trunks & Goten

Good friends like brothers, make possible the first fusion with great funny moments. - raluka

7 Vegeta & Bulma V 1 Comment
8 Piccolo & Krillin

Not the most rellevant but they have a good complicity fighting together against Nappa, Frieza, Garlik Jr and even Cell in the last attack.

Also they are good friends, Krillin was the first to undersand Piccolo was going to fusion with Kami, and Piccolo choose him for make the fusion teaching Goten and Trunks - raluka

9 Tien & Chiaotzu
10 Goku & Gohan

The Contenders

11 Gohan & Videl
12 Goku & ChiChi
13 Vegeta & Trunks

He turned Trunks into another stupid version like himself teaching him bad things. - Monday23

14 Goku & Gohan
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1. Goku & ChiChi
2. Goku & Gohan
3. Tien & Chiaotzu
1. Goku & Vegeta
2. Piccolo & Gohan
3. Goku & Krillin
1. Goku & Vegeta
2. Krillin & 18
3. Piccolo & Gohan

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