Best Dragon Ball Z Songs

This list is on the best songs/themes from the Dragon Ball Z series.

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1 Vegeta Super Saiyan Theme (First Time)

This happen's when the coolest character of all Dragon Ball Z turns into a super saiyan for the first time. The piano and everything makes this song perfect for the moment it plays.

Vegeta is the best character in dbz and best character deserves best theme

This is legendary and epic

2 Dragon Soul (Dragon Ball Z Kai)

I LOVE this song. It's the first Dragon Ball song I've ever heard and it's so cheerful, energetic and fun! It makes me happier every time I hear it, and it's SO electrifying! - Goku02

Dokkan dokkan tsuiteru
Dokkan dokkan paradise
Genki dama ga hajike tobuze go go lets do it

Always rhyming on my mind when I habitly watched dbz kai

Should be number one

3 Super Saiyan Three Power Up

When this happens Goku makes the earth temble because of his enormous power.

The best of all. It gives me goosebumps.

It's's just...EPIC!

4 Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku (The Dragon Ball G.T Opening)

Such a nostalgic song, definitely should be number 1, it's a sweet child's lullaby type of song but a good one, it just brings good feelings to me, I don't know why.

Listen to it first so you will know this should be number 1

5 Cha-La-Head-Cha-La (Dragon Ball Z Opening)

Pumps you up with an energy that embodies the themes of the show. Hilarious antics, epic action, and unforgettable adventure. Truly a defining song for all of Dragon Ball.

6 Gohan's Anger

Amazing beat and amazing motivation

Such an inspiring theme. It is played during two of the most greatest moments in DBZ History:
1) Gohan on his way to a SSJ2
2) Gohan approaches Majin Buu.

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7 Perfect Cell Theme by Bruce Falcouner
8 Goku's Super Saiyan Theme (First Time)

This happens in one of the most important event's of all Dragon Ball Z.!

9 Vegeta Hell's Bells Theme

This plays when vegeta is being the prince of all saiyans attitude.

10 Heroic Trunks Theme by Bruce Falcouner

The Contenders

11 Gohan Fights Freza

This song is amazing because it happens when a little kid fights with an alien. This gives you goosebumps if you watch the show.

12 Hero by Flow

When this start in the battle of gods movie, it's simply awesome

13 Ginyu's Theme

When this happens you're gripping your seat because you don't know what he is doing.

Starts off slow,then at the 20 second mark, BOOM, ginyu starts swapping and the song starts echoing and goes intense

14 Cell Transforms

This is showed up when Cell goes into third form.

15 Buu Is Fighting

This song scares you because you know Buu is strong and he is fighing agaist Goku and he might win the fight.

16 Gradually, You're Charming My Heart

The best song on any Dragon Ball related soundtrack BY FAR

This song is sad, gentle and so emotional. It makes me feel nostalgic and though I'm not really fond of GT, this is one of my favourite Dragon Ball songs ever! - Goku02

Dbgt opening. You have to put this on the list, it's the most catchy song ever.

17 F by Maximum the Hormone
18 Cell Powers Up

This song is just amazing when this shows up in the show.

19 Pikkon's Theme

Good one but it didn't have a big meaning, when the song came up it wasn't a really stressful part of the show. Still a very good one though.

20 Gogeta's Theme V 1 Comment
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1. Dragon Soul (Dragon Ball Z Kai)
2. Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku (The Dragon Ball G.T Opening)
3. Cha-La-Head-Cha-La (Dragon Ball Z Opening)



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