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Cell is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball series by Akira Toriyama. He is the main antagonist of the Android Saga, being an android/artificial life form from the future, whose goal is to become "perfect" via absorbing Androids 17 and 18 and becoming the strongest fighter in the universe.


I would say that Cell should be number 1 because in my opinion Cell was far more smarter then Frieza because Cell helped Trunks and his father Vegeta realize that they didn't need to power up to fight Cell taught Trunks and Vegeta that they didn't need to power up to fight Cell taught them that was their weakness and Cell generous enough to give Trunks and his father Vegeta a chance to better them selves Cell was sometimes bad tempered he also had feelings like everyone else I would say that Cell is not only smart and also the strongest out of all the bad guys but Cell was also generous enough to let the Z fighters train and better their skills Cell was also courious about Gohan and his hidden Power so I say everyone should demote Frieza to 3 best put Majinn Buu as number 2 Bad guy and Cell should be number 1

Cell is just smart and was programmed in a way that he knew like everything. This guy has the cells of many strong people. He knows what's going on. Like when Frieza was throwing the disks he knew Goku was doing a sort of trick to him. Frieza knows that trick. Cell has Frieza's cells so the Frieza cells will tell him that Goku will do a trick. You see it's like someone is telling him what to do. He didn't even need no.18 to be perfect his cells TAST the perfection and his cells gave him or got the knowledge about Goku's instant transmission. If cell comes back and revived like Frieza and had god powers he will be unstoppable. Except for Zen oh sama.

Frieza is awesome don't get me wrong but he is waay overrated he is the most defeated villain in all of dbz with 6 defeats anime and 3 cannon defeats and all his defeats are so pathetic and pitiful "ooh no I am Frieza high and mighty nooo no" boom now here is Cell in his first form he goes nightmare on elm street on earth and kills countless cities per day he terrorizes almost everyone alive and beats up piccolo in his second he blows up tons of islands while looking for #18 and then when Vegeta comes he...he... He um let's not go there then in his perfect form he bashes the fan favorite character Vegeta and the second fan favorite character Vegeta's pride he torments Trunks who I think had gone through enough at that point and then leaves to go on T.V. and terrorize everyone who hadn't already wet there pants he then kills army men and most of them had family I mean come on there army men they put there life on the line and get a nanosecond of hope cell then abuses an 11 year old ...more

Cell is the measure upon which all other DBZ villains should be measured. The greatest parts of our hero's powers and best abilities all rolled into one? How could you possible have a bigger threat than that? It takes Gohan unleashing his hidden power at maximum strength and going Super Saiyan 2 and he still barley defeated him...Cell is the uncontested number one DBZ villain ever.

It's truly difficult to select amongst DBZ's main villains, as they all fit into the storyline well, and I do agree with many of the other opinions on the other villains as well. Cell's introduction in the series was very unexpected (unless spoilers were read/seen). In the "current" time-line the viewers are expecting the androids to wreak havoc, but instead a mysterious creature from the future arrives. Cell makes the merciful Androids seem like friends, and then absorbs them. He held a presence unlike Buu or Frieza, and to top it off, he was the culmination of all previous major villains and main characters. Just a brief summary, but let's face it. Villains like Frieza have existed in reality (Hitler, Stalin... Etc). Buu (and all his forms) were a close 2nd to Cell... Buu was on the other end, he was a total fantasy character formed from magic. Cell was unlike real-life villains, but still had a science element to him. And hence, I'll give him the marginal victory over Buu, and a ...more

Cell was the most dynamic, and intriguing villain in DBZ. He had an array of awesome abilities. He could absorb other heroes, allowing him to transform into an even more powerful beast. He gave birth to his own minions. He could project a force field. He didn't care about anything, but being a perfect specimen who could not be defeated. On top of it all, he looked cooler than any other villain.

Cell was by far the best villain in Dragon Ball Z and the entire series. He had the most diverse personality of any character, he can absorb people as painfully as he likes, he can reproduce asexually and produce his own army, he had the cells of all the major characters at the time and he even makes a speech about eating a bean sound epic. What's not to like about Cell?

Cell should be number 1 because he is far better then all the bad guys because Cell can be blasted in a million peaces and can keep coming back as long as Cell had one living Cell he could regenerate and come back I admit that in the end Goku's son Gohan Beat Cell in the end but Cell lasted longer then Frieza plus Frieza always feared about being defeated by Goku and that Frieza's weakness plus Frieza thought he was better then everyone plus he was evil and didn't care about anyone I also admit that Cell is the same way but Cell was also courious because he wanted to see Gohans special powers so cell is my most favorite bad guy

At first, Cell's goal was to reach his perfect form and to do so at any cost. But once he got there, he killed and destroyed simply because he could. Some would argue that he "made" Goku quit, but in fact the point to Goku fighting Cell was to allow Gohan to analyse his fighting style and find ways around it.

Cell should have been the final villain of dbz for he was the culmination of almost every fighting character in the series. He had the DNA of Goku, piccolo, Frieza, vegeta, and more to make him the ultimate villain. I stopped watching after his saga because there shouldn't be any villain after cell.

Cell easily has the most badass villain voice. He is - in my opinion - the creepiest (absorbing Android 18 is one of my most vivid childhood memories). He successfully killed Goku and finally he was killed in the coolest way out of anyone - SSJ2 Teen Gohan was mind-blowingly awesome.

Cell was by far one of the most powerful villains in the entire show. Not only was he strong, and one of the only villains that actually killed Goku, but he also had psychological strength on Gohan. He was able to beat Gohan both physically and psychological, causing Gohan to have moments of insanity in the fights against Cell. His psychological warfare is what puts him above the childish Buu and the just insane Frieza.

Cell was the only Villain not only to make Goku say "I Quit" He actually killed him not only that Cell Never Begged for his Life, Even when he lost his perfect Form fighting Gohan, He Still went on the Attack! That Takes Balls, Balls not even Freiza had!

On top of his immense power, his was the most sociopathic of all the villains, frieza killed for power, buu killed because that's what he was meant to do, but cell... Cell killed because it was fun, and that's what makes him the most menacing to me

Cell was the epitome of a Villain. He had the voice, the look and most of all the power. Overall he could have easily wiped the floor with every one of the z fighters in his Perfect form, So hands down he is the coolest villain of the series.

Cell is by far the best DBZ villain. He is badass, tough, strong and has a much more interesting back/origin story. Plus, he was a lot more mysterious than Frieza that made him more villainous. Cell should be number one on this list.

The best ever villain there possibly could be. He had the pride of Vegeta. He had the evil need for destruction that Freeza had. He had the power and the will of Goku. Most importantly, his cool attitude while fighting (except where Gohan owns him) was also brilliant. His design, thinking and dialogues make him the best villain ever!

Best dbz villain I don't know why he is not last villain in series he should be last villain because he had ability of everyone. At first he was weak and get scared then show some arrogant like Vegeta in second form and then he just become Beerus type when he become perfect and mocked Vegeta after final flash.

He is way stronger than Frieza. Frieza couldn't even beat beat broly without a hard time. CELL IS WAY BETTER!. He's my screensaver too. I love him... And vegeta

Cell is the best villian because he is all mighty.
Goku had to tell Gohan to defeat because he couldn't do it.
He could defeat Frieza without trying

I love Cell. He's cultured, classy, plus he gets points for throwing Hercule out of bounds and not boring the viewer. While evil and sci-fi-ish, he is interesting in that he's not exactly interested in world domination and more in getting stronger and since he knows everyone's moves, he is unpredictable. The only thing I dislike about him is that he murdered Trunks twice. (Trunks is my favorite hero. The Future guy and Chibi, not GT trunks. )

HE killed ssj Goku nearly killed cool vegeta and trunks evan though gohan beat him it took a long time because he kicked his butt

Cell is an amazing villain. He killed Goku and his Cell Games Saga caused a turning point for all the Z fighters. Beat that.

Cunning, brutal, yet honorable and smart, cell was truly the deadliest villain the z fighters ever faced.

He was imagined to be the final enemy, and the only who killed Goku intentionally. He have all the Z fighters' techniques and he can destroy a entire Galaxy with a powerful kamehame-ha.
Cell can increase his power when he is hurted, and is one of the few villains who can regenerate their body parts.
Also, in his super perfect form he is the strongest in all the Cell saga, more than Broly and Hatchiyack.