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Freeza (Pronounced "Frieza" in the Funimation dub) is fictional character in the Dragon Ball series by Akira Toriyama as the primary antagonist of the Freeza Saga. He is a galactic tyrant who governs the Planet Trade Organization and is feared by the universe for his sadistic and brutal nature. He is more.


Other than Vegeta, Frieza was the best written character in the series. He is powerful, ruthless and funny. It is amazing how his entire empire crumbles around him because of the ones he fears most.

Frieza caused a genocide, does not bat an eye when he kills thousands of people, punishes his own men ruthlessly, hasn't trained a single day in his life prior to Golden Frieza Saga and still attains that much of power, a genocidal elitist who is convinced that he is absolutely perfect in every way, a being whose political power is so strong that he was revived by his crumbling forces who could have just used the Dragon Balls for gaining immortality, has a creepy voice, also confuses people about his gender :p, and has a tendency of blowing up planets, his motivations are very chilling and compelling, as he stated in the Frieza Saga, in just one line, that he is the destined ruler of the world, this line just properly explains his character; DUDES, THIS GUY IS HORRIBLE, LIKE DONALD TRUMP HORRIBLE. EVEN MORE SO THAN THAT. He literally has no feelings and is totally cold-hearted (pun intended). He will KILL A CHILD without mercy without thinking once of his actions, and if you really ...more

The entire history and show revolves around Frieza. Frieza destroyed planet vegeta, leading to an entirely different outcome of the universe. The entire saiyan and Frieza saga was about secrets of the past and achieving destiny. There is so much meaning to the character and battles that makes you care about it. He is a real being with flaws instead of villains becoming more and more ridiculous. Instead of just being a villain with a higher power level with no real history that we don't know or care about.

Let's see, he's a galatic overload who's in charge of 79 or more planets and who's also the leader of the planet trade system. Freeza has 4 amazing transformations, a cold-heartless being, ruthless, loves to kill innocents, sadistic, torture his enemies before he kills them, EVIL and actually he's a funny dude. Freeza also has his own personality unlike other villains. Yeah, Freeza was a badass villain and the best of all dbz villains.

Frieza is the most coldhearted and the most badass dbz villain, probably because he kills everyone in his way, even children! If you fight Frieza, and he's stronger than you, he'll make you think your winning the fight, but when you realize it, Frieza just wants to make you want to know that he's stronger... In the worst ways possible, for example: If he death beams you in a spot, he keeps hitting this one spot, he reflects your most powerful attacks, if there's an animal crawling in your body he EATS the animal alive just to keep torturing you and if your blood falls on his face, he LICKS his face clean of the blood! He definitely deserves number 1 on this list!

He was the one with the most story that actually did not have holes in it. He was truly terror of the Galaxy and with a power level of 120, 000, 000 as his final he should have been the end of Dragon ball Z. He was evil to the highest extreme and he loves to Kill out of sheer joy. He chose to be evil as well and was not created evil. Frieza is my favorite character in DBZ and most interesting to boot! All Hail Lord Frieza!

Everything in Dragon Ball before the Buu Saga was all the result of Frieza's influence in the universe. At least four of the DBZ movies/specials including the new one use him as a motive (Coup, vengeance, or interest). A complete sadist hidden behind the most polite personality. Made me actually start being uncomfortable near people who were just being nice. Drove everyone to their limits. Broke down even the strongest of warriors. If you crossed him all that is near and dear to you would parish. Frieza'z name was the most widely feared name in the universe. Even the gods feared his name.

He has four really cool transformations and a barrage of attacks plus best saga ever he was the main villain

Frieza is the most evil because he CREATES more evil in the universe. Vegeta said it him self before he died on Namek, that Frieza was the one who made him this way. Frieza recruits minions to be in his massive army, and turns them evil. They comply, likely out of fear. All of the villians are capable of destroying other planets, but Frieza is the only one who takes otherwise good, neutral, or even less evil people and turns them into monsters who now have intentions of destroying entire races. The reason why he was brought back so many times is because he spread his own evil like a virus to his minions who keep bring him back. It like the evil keeps on reproducing or regenerating itself and that's much worse than the evil disappearing once the threat is annihilated.

Not the strongest villain in the series but at his time, he is the strongest with all the qualities of a super villain. Strong & Merciless & it is due to him that the super Saiyan concept is introduced in the series & he is 1 of the best written character who plays a role in the entire Dragonball Z series

Frieza is the best villain by far. His ruthlessness masked by his calm demeanor and good manners had an effect that was absolutely chilling. Plus. He's the strongest of the villains who didn't have the annoying cheat of regeneration. Frieza rules!

Frieza killed Krillin and Vegeta! It took Goku everything to beat Vegeta! Frieza and SSJ Goku nearly had the same power together. In Revival of Frieza he almost killed Gohan in one punch! He beat Goku, but with help from his sidekick Sorbet. And if Whis hadn't turned back time! Frieza would've killed Vegeta again for good until they revived him. Golden Frieza is supreme!

Normally I'm pretty torn between a lot of these villains. I love Cell and Kid Buu, as well as Saiyan/Namek Saga Vegeta and Piccolo. But when I look at the one villain who pushed Goku to the limits, I decided Frieza was the best candidate.

Frankly, Frieza is a monster. He's destroyed or conquered countless races and planets and is in my opinion the most sadistic character in the entire series. I hate him yet love him at the same time. I did feel slightly sorry for him when he knew he was done for but I also knew that he would backstab anyone.
Also, I was literally shocked when he killed Bardock and blew up Planet Vegeta. But he has all the makings of a very memorable and great villain.

His saga was the best. Frieza was supposed to be the final villain of the manga but due to popularity the series went on.

I admit the cell saga was better than average, the buu saga was o. k. but dragon ball gt was horrible. The producers of that show should have apologized to the fans for that crap.

Frieza is in my opinion, the greatest villain ever. Think about it, If it weren't for Frieza killing Krillin, Goku would have never become a Super Saiyan. As a matter of fact, the entire story of Dragon Ball really started because of him. I even have my own villain based off of him.

Frieza is without a doubt the reason I watch Dragonball Z! The story and background created for this guy is absolutely perfect. A pure evil personality makes him the best! Frieza is easily the best villain in Dragonball Z and he is the only one to seriously shut vegeta!

In My Opinion Frieza Is The Best DBZ Villain Ever, Not Because He's Strong But Because Of The Impact He Caused To Every Character; Turning Vegeta Into A Good Guy (Kinda), Bringing Out The Super Saiyan In Goku, Making Piccolo Fuse With Nail, Killing Krillin etc. and He Brought Out The Best In Everyone.

I think his saga was one of the best ever in the Dragon Ball series. A lot of cool and exciting character development happened around him. We got to see Vegeta at his utmost fragile state ever (Vegeta's dying confession), Goku's first Super Saiya transformation, the Namek's destruction, Kuririn and Gohan's heroic acts and a lot more. I think this was one of the most exciting part of the Dragon Ball series, personally.

Eh Cooler is by far my all-time favourite DBZ villain. But Frieza comes in at a close second. He was bad to the bone, murdering and destroying people without a care, and taking whatever he felt was his to claim. Frieza was awesome, even though I prefer his brother, I'll still always love this sadistic little genocidal alien tyrant.

No regeneration or absorption abilities and still kicked ass.

Survived the Spirit Bomb. Enough said.

He is not just a overpower villain like buu and cell who just have interest in explode the whole universe to prove his potential. He uses his powers to turn rich and influent in his whole galaxy, His objective is realistic.

Other then Chilled with Bardock in Episode of Bardock, Frieza triggered the very first SSJ when in an event least likely to be forgotten, Frieza retaliated at Goku for using the Spirit Bomb by killing his best friend, Krillin, and making him watch. Frieza is without doubt the greatest villain in DBZ history.

King Piccolo is the evil half of a whole being, Cell wasn't really evil at all (he just wanted to show off his Perfect form's strength) and Majin Buu is a physical representation of evil. Freeza, to me, is what TRUE evil is. As long as someone believes what they're doing is right on some level, I don't believe it to be truly evil. Freeza KNEW what he was doing was wrong, he killed elderly people and children not because they were dangerous, but because he could, and no one, he believed, could stop him. He stands at the top of my list forever for that reason.

During the saga on Namek, Freezer is the synonym of cruelty, sadistic madness (damn, Nail didn't have to be that tortured, Krillin didn't have to be injured in such a violent way, Vegeta didn't deserve to be so humiliated), absolute and infinite power that no one could ever dream to match. He was a pure heartless racist badass, enjoying killing and making suffering those poor little Namekians... For me, Freezer is the creepiest villain of dbz, because he actually acts more like a human than a Cell or a Majin Buu.

He was literally fear throughout the galaxy, committed mass genocide multiple times and even the Kais fear him by name alone. You cannot say that about the Villains that came after him. Plus, he was the only DBZ villain that could have killed Goku but didn't.