Kid Buu

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Kid Buu was BORN to destroy! Could have wiped out Frieza AND Cell in in less than 10 seconds without even breaking a sweat, or simply just turn them into candy and they'd be gone. The Supreme Kai said himself that Buu could have wiped out Frieza and the entire Saiyan race in one blow. After he destroyed the earth for FUN, he continued to destroy like a bunch of planets, also just for fun. Although his twisted idea of fun was much different from Frieza and Cell, as they purely just wanted the inhabitants of the planet to suffer, Buu was pretty much the closest thing to the universe's end in all 276 (291 uncut) episodes of of Dragonball Z. Frieza only wanted to RULE the universe, not annihilate it completely. Therefore, Kid Buu is the ultimate villain.

I believe that the very first one would intend would be blowing up the very planet they're standing on, disregarding their personal safety and laugh maniacally as they're doing it is the mark of a truly evil villain. Kid Buu doesn't care about wealth, power or any of your typical villain desires. All he wants is to cause widespread destruction simply because it's the only thing it knows best. I don't know about you, but THAT is about as evil as it could ever get. And that's why Kid Buu is my personal favorite villain in the entire series.

Kid buu was by far one the strongest enemies Goku fought along with other z fighters. I just like how he just went ahead and blew up the earth he took no time at doing it either his a crazy little bastard but in my eyes don't care what anyone say kid buu is the strongest in the universe. Many people say omega shenron can beat buu but to be honest if yall looked at buu's fight with Goku and vegeta it clearly shows buu was just toying with them he didn't even have enough time to bring out his full strength not in WWE wise I'm talking about bad ass wise and plus during the buu saga again don't care what anyone says buu was still taping in to his full power fat buu-Kid buu so kid buu is stronger than omega shenron so this is my thoughts he should be a lot stronger speaking for all forms of buu in dragon ball xenoverse like cell another favorite villain in mine

Buu was a very interesting character. He was brutal and vicious. He was special and you didn't have the idea that he was evil, just to be evil.

Frieza: A great villain with personality, but his motives were bull. When I watched dragon ball z, Frieza made me think of Bowser from Mario. No motives, just evil to be evil.

Cell: One of my favorites. The only thing I don't like about Cell, is that he needed te dumb actions of our heroes to get stronger. His motives sucked, but it was at least better than Frieza's.

Broly: Okay, he's cool, but nothing more. He had no personality and no motives.

Vegeta: As a villain, he was cool. He had a great personality, but his motives were cool too. He was a great challenge for our heroes.

Super Buu: Same as Kid Buu.

Cooler: The movie was cool, but he was a little bit to similar to Frieza.

Janemba: He was cool, but a copy of Majin Buu.

Bills:, he is just amazing.

Come on Frieza and cell had better story but kid buu is cause of who he beat Frieza got beat by Goku at ssj1 cause he played to much cell got beat by gohan granted with I guess help cause he played around buu beat everybody and almost did a second time around if not for the dragon balls Frieza is my favorite but buu is more dangerous cause he don't mess around which is why out of all of them he was successful at destroying earth just saying but the new movie coming with Frieza could change it

This guy was basically a REALLY fast Goku with the rage of Vegeta combined with the instincts of pure evil from Frieza. IF he wanted to, he would've destroyed Namek 10 times. He also Is the ideal rival of everyone. Nobody COULD stop him for a while, but Frieza on the other hand could, Goku just needed to try. And Cell on the otherhand, Cell was defeated by Gohan... This kid had his peak there and never really got better. Sad to see that as he had the potential to be a godly Saiyan.

He's the only villain to destroy the Earth without question. He's a ruthless, killing machine without whose only words were "Me Buu. Kill you. "

I wanted to put Buu in all his forms, because in every form, he could not be beat (except Mystic Gohan and Vegito). But at the end he actually DID blow up the Earth and wasn't stopped. He was childish but one of the strongest ever. Every time Gohan or Vegeta thought they killed him, he kept coming back.

What makes Buu different from the rest is that he actually succeeded in what he was doing. He manage to actually destroy the Earth! While the others had the power to, Buu didn't screw about and just went ahead and did it. And all that should deserve him #1.

Some may say Super Buu is more powerful, but Kid Buu is obviously more vicious and cleaver. Unlike Cell, Frieza, Broly, etc. , he is basically completely regenerative, and has reformed himself from SMOKE PARTICLES several times. If Super Buu can tear a hole in time and space, Kid Buu probably can too.

I could say I like him because of his ruthlessness. I could say I like him because of his unpredictability. I could say I like him because of his insane power. Honestly, though, I just can't get enough of his laugh. It's becoming a serious problem!

Kid buu is very strong and can beat goku ssj3,vegeta ssj2 and ultimate gohan. Even gotenks ssj3 could not beat him. It took goku and vegeta to fuse go beat him. Wow do you imagine that how dangerous he is for the Z warriors at that stage.

I dislike the Buu saga, but I do like Kid Buu, he's not smart, he doesn't have some evil plan, he isn't arrogant, or mannered, no motive and restraint. Kid Buu is just insane and that makes him different from pretty much every other villain in Dragon Ball.

Kid Buu could be the strongest villain out of any of them beating him was just luck. If he could regenerate from any hit and him dieing by spirt bomb still had a hard time killing him anything could of happened.

He's stronger than Goku I believe! Goku was going to die! The stupid spirit bomb... I want to see him return in the 2015 movie.

He's my favorite character of all time even Goku admitted never having to face anyone like him before. The embodiment of evil and terror KID BUU

The strongest of them all, no one compared to kid buu, funny, evil, and insane! He straight didn't gave a flying flip!

In my opinion Kid Buu is the best villain. This guy can just destroy most fighters with little to no effort whatsoever. He is the end.

Kid Buu is not only the strongest form of Majin Buu but he is the strongest villain in all of Dragonball Z. He is the only villain to blow up the earth. He is so strong he toyed with SS3 Goku, SS2 Vegeta, Fat Majin Buu, and he even managed to push back the spirit bomb filled with the energy of every being on earth. His greatest joys are blowing up planets, and toying and torturing his opponents. He was the ultimate universal destroyer a true killing machine.

Complete lack of morales, he is the embodiment of evil itself. With no thoughts or care in the world but destruction and death, I believe kid buu, along with all of his transformations, to be the greatest villain DBZ has ever seen. He could not be stopped and pretty much killed everyone in the main story until he was destroyed.

I've seen what buu could do... He earned his title (Terror of the Universe) fair and square, if any powerful villian stands up to him he would just absorb them and become even more powerful, even when he turns back to normal he becomes more powerful.

Kid Buu is really really strong. I have to accept(even though I regret) that undoubtedly Kid Buu has to be one of the most fiercest villains in Dragon Ball History. He can regenerate after every single blow which is impressive. Nothing could every scratch him apart from the Spirit Bomb itself.

Epic kid buu is cool he destroy Goku and Goku like his penis no he like it harder than ever yes.

Kid buu is so powerful even a super saying 3 can't stop him. He destroyed planets. Cell and Frieza were stoped fast

First of all he killed the entire human race, destroyed the planet earth for fun, the supreme kai said himself he is made of pure evil. And he destroyed 4 other planets in his hunt for Goku and Vegeta. And almost killed people who were already dead like krillian

Kid Buu and Cell are by far the best - animedude7