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41 Baby Vegeta

True he is a unforgettable villain but not the best he does deserve top 20 though

Do I really have to say? Took down ssj3 oku and almost beat ssj4 Goku.

Baby vegeta too strong super siayan 3 Goku couldn't take him on and ssj4 Goku sure nearly took him down but oozaru version bam done

42 Recoome Recoome

He is so weird. But it makes him kind of funny.

My Favorite member of the Ginyu Force.

My favorite ginyu member is burter

43 Black Goku

Rose Is The New Black. He's The Evil Goku Everybody asked for (Because Nobody remembers Turles apparently) and Cannon! He's a Corrupted Kai Seeking Justice In A Powerful Warrior That has a Level That can Rival The Gods.

Although he's new, Black Goku has proven himself to be a ruthless bad ass. He also has a very mysterious personality and no one is able to understand his character yet.

He's so cool, why is he this low?

"No one can understand the dignity of my speech, nor my desires, nor my beauty "

Here's Supa saiya-jin Rose!

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44 Android 19 Android 19

He's gonna suck the energy out of you

Suck energy? Hmm take cell and his tail if you want to be sucked WHOLE

45 General Blue

Legit human threat before power up bull plagued the series.

46 Hit Hit

Well hit apparently is the most dangerous assassin and he has an epic battle with him in db super and Ozotto is just a video game villain I have never heard of in the dbz vr game OK and apparently he wasn't even that tough I was told my friend in Japan he was the easiest fight in the games

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47 Burter Burter

Burter is the Fastest in the Universe!

"I'm the fastest in the universe"

48 Maraikoh V 1 Comment
49 Salza Salza
50 Zangya Zangya
51 Ninja Murasaki

I loved the fight between him and kid Goku

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52 Pilaf Pilaf

Pilaf is funny

Haha I love pilaf! He's the best villian ever

The reason a major influence in piccolo's, and freeza' second coming, and Beerus loosing his patience and attacking the gang

53 Guldo Guldo
54 Saibaman

The best villain that never was.

Stronger than Yamcha - Jukass

55 Demon King Dabura

I don't know how people miss something like this, he's definitely not as strong as Majin Buu who was being resurrected when he made his first appearance, but as lord of the demon world, and the fact that he took out 3 Z fighters in less than a minute as well as supreme Kai's servant, who was undoubtedly stronger than we ever got to see. That scene alone makes him much stronger than Dr. Gero who is on the list.

I will admit he was so underatted but also its cause we dident get much from him till the sand lands manga and the he was a meanie to Beelzebub

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56 Meta-Cooler

Meta cooler has the power to create as many indestructible copies of him self as he can.

57 Yajirobe Yajirobe

Come on he is not a villain. He gives a sensu bean to heal people,is that cilled evil

HE is not a siayan he is just funny guy his power level is 45000 he run away when nappa and vageta arrived in series DBZ kai - hassanali

58 Towa V 1 Comment
59 Vegtio

Goku and Vegeta are the best!

But he s not villain._.

He ain't evil.

Are yoi serious vegtio, ha its vegito and he is a damn strong guy not a vilain

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60 Cell Jr. Cell Jr.

Cell Jr is so cute!

:3 and deadly

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