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41 Android 13 Android 13

This guy is a monster! Also when he takes 14 and 15 parts, oh dear he is a evil strong killer robot. please don't try to fight him.

Again like Hatchiyack he needed more movie time although he wrecked Goku he should of at least had a longer fight and also in the games he absolutely sucked easiest boss I ever fought

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42 Mercenary Tao

He's better because he's got that moustache legends are made of

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43 Pui Pui
44 Champa Champa
45 Super Android 13

Howdy folks I'm android 13 look at my trucker hat!

46 Tenshinhan Tenshinhan

First off your not wrong in my opinion he is the best supporting z fighter and like krillin yamcha and piccolo he had so much potential but he is no villain

He is cool warrior his power level is only 1400 and he not a siyan but he has the power of 100 peoples he also generate fusion bomb, energy blast and top of all he also generate spirit bomb he has three eyes he is killed by nappa in dbz kai he lives in Mrs popo place but he is awesome - hassanali

Again not a villain

Not a villian except in dragon ball for like 2 episodes

47 Babidi Babidi

Why is he here I think he is more annoying than scrappy doo

A very underrated character with very interesting powers. Who can forget that evil laugh?

48 Super Perfect Cell

Yeah, he's in second place already, and it's imperfect cell

He is Cell who is in 2nd place!

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49 Zamasu Zamasu Zamasu is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball series by Akira Toriyama, Although a Supreme Kai from Universe 10, he is the true main antagonist and the catalyst of the Future Trunks Saga in Dragon Ball Super, being responsible for Goku Black's existence, working alongside him to restore "justice" more.

He killed Goku, took his body and killed his family with it. Then he became so powerful only the omni king can stop him, I prefer him as Goku black because he was a masochistic psychopath. But Zamasu is interesting because he knows he is a hypocrite but sees his actions as a noble sacrifice to save the universe. The moment when he cried was mocked but it gives him so much more character. Goku Black is still more interesting but since they are the same person I guess he deserves to be at least top 5

Definitely needs to be top 10; he's one of the strongest and most menacing villains the z fighter ever went up against

Because of him, the entire universe was destroyed. He deserves to be on the list.

The best villian, because he was the only one that was evil for a reason. The best villains are the ones that think they are doing the right thing.

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50 Baby Vegeta

True he is a unforgettable villain but not the best he does deserve top 20 though

Do I really have to say? Took down ssj3 oku and almost beat ssj4 Goku.

Baby vegeta too strong super siayan 3 Goku couldn't take him on and ssj4 Goku sure nearly took him down but oozaru version bam done

51 Hit Hit

Well hit apparently is the most dangerous assassin and he has an epic battle with him in db super and Ozotto is just a video game villain I have never heard of in the dbz vr game OK and apparently he wasn't even that tough I was told my friend in Japan he was the easiest fight in the games

This guy has no power limit + can stop time.

How cooler can you get?

52 General Blue

Legit human threat before power up bull plagued the series.

53 Pilaf Pilaf

Pilaf is funny

Haha I love pilaf! He's the best villian ever

The reason a major influence in piccolo's, and freeza' second coming, and Beerus loosing his patience and attacking the gang

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55 Salza Salza
56 Zangya Zangya
57 Ninja Murasaki

I loved the fight between him and kid Goku

Its really funny! 😂

58 Demon King Dabura

I don't know how people miss something like this, he's definitely not as strong as Majin Buu who was being resurrected when he made his first appearance, but as lord of the demon world, and the fact that he took out 3 Z fighters in less than a minute as well as supreme Kai's servant, who was undoubtedly stronger than we ever got to see. That scene alone makes him much stronger than Dr. Gero who is on the list.

I will admit he was so underatted but also its cause we dident get much from him till the sand lands manga and the he was a meanie to Beelzebub

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59 Saibaman

The best villain that never was.

Stronger than Yamcha - Jukass

60 Meta-Cooler

Meta cooler has the power to create as many indestructible copies of him self as he can.

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