Top Ten Dragon Breeds


The Top Ten

1 Azure Azure

It's also known as green or blue-green dragon and is one of the five gods of force of the Chinese deity and one of the four major constellations of China. - Mynewaccount


2 Amphitere Amphitere

You can say it's a snake monster rather than a dragon.It has greenish yellow feathers and wings of a bat.But why a snake monster? Let me clear your doubts.It has the body of a giant serpent or a lindworm you can also say. - Mynewaccount

3 Chinese Chinese

These are the legendary creatures of China. They can have many forms such as fish, turtle, bird, tree etc. Mostly they appear as snakes with four legs. They control wind, water, earth and other elements. The Chinese Emperor uses them as a symbol of their undying power. - Mynewaccount

4 Hydra Hydra

It's more of a quake dragon.It is a many-headed demon,and a great threat to civilization.That's all I can say,folks - Mynewaccount

5 Faerie Faerie

These are small dragons.They can be extremely hostile.They have butterfly wings instead of normal batty dragon wings.They are the size of house cats and their wings vary from dragon to dragon. - Mynewaccount

6 Sea Serpents Sea Serpents

Amazing, they are drawn in a very cool way.

They can be related to sea monsters,a world famous mythical creature.They are being discovered for 100s of years.Their presence is unexplained, as the research continues.They represent sharks,lungfish,oarfish etc. - Mynewaccount

7 Ouroboros

It is a dragon biting its own tail. It may be similar to a lindworm or a wyvern.but biting or swallowing its own tail is what makes it stand out seperately - Mynewaccount

8 Western Western

Their bodies are covered with scales like a crocodile and their four legs are thick and powerful with claws similar to those of an eagle.Their mouths are like monitor lizards with horns,antlers etc.These dragons can breathe out deadly fumes or fire. - Mynewaccount

9 Lindworm Lindworm

It has the head of a horse and mane which runs down the neck part of its body.It has two forelegs under its neck with claws of that of an eagle. - Mynewaccount

10 Wyvern Wyvern

It has the body of a serpent,head of a dragon and wings of a bat.Its two legs can at times be similar to a bird or sometimes to a lizard. - Mynewaccount

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