Top Ten Best Dragonette Songs

Dragonette is a Canadian electronic music / INDIE band from Toronto, Ontario, formed in 2005 and is Fantastically awesome.

The Top Ten

1 Let It Go

Lyrics are so good. Easily it's like the best dance song ever. - shivraj.karkera

2 I Get Around

This song sounds just so awesome. The chord progression and vocal harmonies. - shivraj.karkera

3 Hello

Official Friendzone song :D. - shivraj.karkera

Best song I ever listened

4 Get Lucky

Such great lyrics written in such a cute manner. And the chord patterns, just love 'em. - shivraj.karkera

5 Ghost
6 Come On Be Good

This might be kinda' like a two chord song, but it sounds SO much good. - shivraj.karkera

7 We Rule the World

I imagine myself with all my friends singing the chorus of this song out loud. So good. - shivraj.karkera

8 Big Sunglasses

I'm not a Dubstep fan, But I like the one in this song. And of course I like the song too. - shivraj.karkera

9 Pick Up the Phone
10 Lay Low

Right from the time his song begins, it relaxes my mind somehow. - shivraj.karkera

The Contenders

11 Take It Like a Man

Best things about Dragonette are : Unique Chord Progressions and Awesome Improvisation.
This song explains quite much. - shivraj.karkera

12 Fixin' to Thrill

Rock fan here. AWESOME RIFF DETECTED! - shivraj.karkera

13 You're a Disaster
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1. Let It Go
2. I Get Around
3. Pick Up the Phone
1. Let It Go
2. I Get Around
3. Hello


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