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1 How to make Green Curry Chicken

An original feat, Dragonphlegm enlightens us on his most flavourable tastes and presents us with a deep analysis into quality dining. - dragonphlegm

It's okay. Ehh, 10/10 - dragonphlegm

2 How to Make a Sandwich

Once again draz enlightens us on his fabulous cooking skills by presenting a simple yet challenging delight. - dragonphlegm

3 How to Turn on a Laptop

Draz now enlightens us on a more fluent and common experience, that of producing life towards the laptop, which he does so ever so exquisitely. - dragonphlegm

4 Shots Fired at the Tollz

A nostalgic feat for all those involved, shots fired brings us back to the classic days of Clym, and reminds us of the perfect solid coconut goodness that our friend was. Rip in peace Clym. - dragonphlegm

5 Inspiron Commercial

Draz advertises his most important feature - the laptop that started it all, the infamous Inspiron, creator and destroyer of many lives, including Draz's love, when he effortlessly messed up everything on that faithful March day, 2013. - dragonphlegm

6 Ariana Grande Farting

A valuable insight into one of Draz's unconfirmed fetishes, Ariana Grande Farting is a rare mix of mainstream music, and mainstream bowel noises. Sure to please all whom bear scat fetish. - dragonphlegm

7 Clym's Two Hour Bonanza

An incredible feat, Clym's THB provides the viewer with two non-stop hours of action packed Clym goodness, surely enough to keep audiences on the edge of their couch, whilst calling toward their moms for more Mountain Dew. - dragonphlegm

8 SSBBW causes Tsunami

A first hand look into Draz's most hated phenomenon, he captures first-hand the devastating consequences one may experience should they let a woman of unnatural size partake in water sports. Best to keep them in their cage where they belong. - dragonphlegm

9 4chan's Flipnote BBQ Extravaganza

Of course, no list is complete without a cameo from Draz's rival 4chan. This exquisite compilation formed by Draz himself provides us with a view into the life of the wild 4chan. Notice the high amount of neckbeard. This is natural for any 4chan, as shaving is overrated when battling the evils of Jlaw. - dragonphlegm


And of course, where would we be without the infamous video that sparked Draz's fame - Zoolander Jerome Jarre Vine. This long and clickbait inducing title ensures that it will never be missed in the video search, providing Draz with over 100,000 views and a decent amount of subscribers. - dragonphlegm

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