Top 10 Drainage Companies in the UK

Finding a drainage company you can trust can be a real pain. Over the past few years, I've dealt with loads of drainage companies. I've been kept waiting, overcharged and had countless arguments with drainage contractors who seem intent on ripping me off.

However, I've also dealt with some great drainage companies, who've really helped me out over the years. Here are just a few of the best drainage companies from across the UK. Whether I've been struggling with blocked drains, tree roots or completely collapsed pipes, these are the companies I trust to fix my problems quickly and stick to their estimates!

The Top Ten

1 Drain 365

If I ever need a drainage expert in Hertfordshire, 365 are my first port of call. They've helped me to clear blocked drains and repair damaged drains several times over the past few years. - JustJohn

2 Drain Smart

Whenever I need a drainage expert in Kent, Drain Smart is the team for me. They've worked to clear blockages, replace damaged pipes and provided home buyers' drain surveys. - JustJohn

3 Jonny's Drains

Jonny is the best drainage expert in Surrey, bar none. He's cleared blockages, cleaned out pipes and carried out CCTV drain surveys for a few of the properties I've worked on. - JustJohn

4 James Drains

James Drains Solutions are my go-to for any Cheshire-based drainage issues. As a team close to my home, their emergency services have helped me out of a few drain-based problems, including blocked drains and damaged pipes. - JustJohn

5 Certified Drain Services

There've been a few times where I've needed a drainage team in Cambridge and CDS have come to my rescue. One of my tenants had blocked up a drain with makeup waste and a few other materials. Certified arrived on-time and cleared the blockage extremely quickly. Can't recommend enough! - JustJohn

6 Detection Drain Services

Another of my properties in Brighton was struggling with waterlogged soil. Turns out one of the pipes had burst under the garden. DDS arrived quickly and relined the drain to stop waste escaping the pipe. - JustJohn

7 Local Plumbers

Although not technically a drainage company, local plumbers have been a real help when upgrading and renovating my properties. They've installed central heating and carried out plenty of plumbing services for me over the years. - JustJohn

8 Blockaid

A student house in Manchester I was renting out had serious issues with rats. I called Blockaid, who quickly fitted rat blockers, which stopped the animals from using the drains. In just a few days, all the rats had disappeared! - JustJohn

9 Canford Drains

Although I've not used them myself, a friend of my recommends them fully. Perfect for anyone struggling with blocked drains in the Bournemouth area. Arrived on-time, charged the estimate with no hidden costs. Can't really say fairer than that. - JustJohn

10 Drain Doctor Preston

Drain Doctor are a national company, but their teams in Preston and South Cumbria have really helped me out over the years. They've cleared blocked drains in Blackpool and carried out CCTV drain surveys in Windermere. Would definitely recommend! - JustJohn

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