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1 Take Care

Take care, headlines, and burried alive interlude are my 3 favorites from this album - Eminem50CentFanForLife


2 Nothing Was the Same

Drake can eat a butt

Started from the bottom, worst behavior, the language, all me, furthest thing, and own it are my favorites from this album - Eminem50CentFanForLife

Nothing was the same since this album - Brayoyo

Wu-Tang Forever is up there too

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3 If You're Reading This It's Too Late

This then nothing was the same then scorpion then more life then so far gone then views tied with take care then thank me later

This album is awesome! Every song is different and original

This mixtape saw Drake perfecting his sound into something that's truly him. I love the minimalist beats here, and I think they suit him incredibly well. Views hopefully will be a continuation of this.

4 Thank Me Later

Over is the song that makes this album even better than it is - Eminem50CentFanForLife

5 So Far Gone


I love best I ever had - Eminem50CentFanForLife

6 Comeback Season

This is my absolute favorite

This is the best album! Why is it not on number one!

What this album should be #1!

Its cool and amazing

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8 More Life

Great Album!

top 5 - FM25

9 Scorpion

Best album ever

10 Room for Improvement

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11 What a Time to Be Alive

Best collab album since watch the throne

12 The Gift Without the Curse
13 Heartbreak Drake
14 Views from the 6
15 Trophies
16 We are Young Money
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1. Take Care
2. Thank Me Later
3. So Far Gone
1. Nothing Was the Same
2. If You're Reading This It's Too Late
3. Thank Me Later
1. Nothing Was the Same
2. So Far Gone
3. If You're Reading This It's Too Late

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