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21 Pilot

It's the first ever Drake and Josh Episode!

I like this episode. When drake don't. Listen and Josh did I have 4 dogs and 1 cat some times I like to watch T.V.. And work I have YouTube. And I like boys like drake and Josh and Kurt and Blaine from glee.

The best ever. Especially Tiffany Margolis. Smoking hot!

22 Megan's Revenge

Great I love it megan is hilarious she is relly funny and so mean to drake and josh that's what makes her funny though!

Hi my name is Isabel adler and I like to watch drake and Josh. Megan.

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23 Sheep Thrills

One of the funniest moments in this episode:

Josh: Where did you buy that sheep?
Megan: On the internet.
Josh: Where, the

I'll never forget that line!

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24 Little Diva

I love drake very much I wish he can come to my house.

And. Me and drake could do everything. Thing and we could. Play games and cooking. And watch T.V. and play with my cat and riding my bike.

25 Vicious Tiberius

Drake: Open the door on three. 1...2...3! (runs into the door and falls, then gets up).
Josh: You hit the door.
Drake: Yeah, why didn't you open it?
Josh: You didn't say go.

Oh come on, this was a great episode! Get this up higher please! - enderderp

26 Tree House

Rich with quotable lines and downright hilarious

"You had one job! "

Fun episode. - enderderp

27 Dr. Phyllis Show

This is one of the best drake & josh episode ever because they showed what they went to in the past episodes! Man I miss drake & josh it was the best show that was ever on Nickelodeon! Now they are thinking about doing a drake & josh reuioni heard but to make that happen they need a lot of viewers who still watch drake & josh so to make sure if people really want a drake& josh reuion! Ok if you want drake & josh to do a reuion all you have to do is vote yes I want a drake & josh reuion! So please vote. Here is where you go to vote. Go to Google and type in drake & josh airing on Nickelodeon, then scroll down just a little bit where it says mews and click on it and it will bring up results and go on the first one and when you're there scroll down until it talks about drake& josh reuion and the below that is where you vote. Hope that helped! If you voted yes you want drake & josh back put a thumbs up if you voted yes!

best episode, because it talked about and went back hrough hilarious episodes. Its my favorite kid show!

28 The Storm

Crazy Steve: DOra, It's right behind you! Laugh out loud

There's even a Dora reference on how blind she is steve was watching it and he said COME ON DORA ITS RIGHT BEHIND YOU I think they did this since Dora and Drake&Josh are owned by nick and thy were trying to advertise dora - epictoonsfan1

The best and funniest Drake and Josh episode. It brings the whole gang together, and makes me crack up whenever I watch it. - Chris6398

Has one of the best Crazy Steve moments ever! The rest of the episode is great too! - enderderp

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29 Number 1 Fan

I hate this episode of AnnaSophia Robb She needs to Stop Following Drake

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30 Believe Me Brother
31 Grammy
32 Driver's License
33 Josh Runs Into Oprah

When Josh Ran over Oprah it was the funniest moment of the show

"This is my worst birthday ever! " "Is it because you ran over Oprah? " "No, because it's a little humid - YES, IT'S BECAUSE I RAN OVER OPRAH! " - WholeGrainNeko

34 Dance Contest
35 Movie Job

The way that Helen acts towards Josh in this episode is hilarious.
"Well, it's not gonna put mustard on itself!

36 Mean Teacher

Joshes lucky shirt and Drakes annoying girlfriend...

This episode was hilarious!

37 Little Sibling
38 Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh

Why? I love Christmas! I thought having Drake & Josh on Christmas is awesome! Josh really teaches us the true meaning of Christmas. I watch this movie every Christmas Eve since it aired!
P. S love that European kid!

It was a movie special, and it had innuendo, such as getting beaten up by a prisoner and the nude scenes, especially since the nudity was mentioned. - nelsonerica

39 Drake and Josh Inn

Whenever I think of Drake and Josh, I always think of this episode! Such a classic! - Bl4zeTMG

This was a funny episode too! I like the premise of it - enderderp

40 Eric Punches Drake

Crazy Steeve: you know I also struggle with anger problems. Josh: in a sarcastic tone "oh really? ". Steve: (as josh starts to drink water) yes, my therapist don't DRINK WHILE I'm TALKING! (josh nearly has a heart attack)

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