Drake Parker

Drake Parker (Drake Bell) is depicted as a laid-back, charming, immature, and womanizing teenager. Although he often appears unintelligent, his under-achievement seems to be caused by apathy and he has been known not to think before he acts (making straight D's). Drake has great interest in music, playing the electric guitar in a band throughout the series and liking all forms, his favorite being rock. He can also play several percussion instruments, shown in "Megan's New Teacher" when he tried to play drums and guitar at the same time and in "Josh Runs Into Oprah" where he played the bongos. He usually takes advantage of Josh to get what he wants. He has a lot of success with girls and much of the comedy is his effortless ability to get dates. Drake is also very unhygienic (not washing hands, eating food off the floor). Drake feels embarrassed about his new stepbrother at first, but grows to accept Josh. Despite his arrogance and selfishness, Drake still remains a likable character and redeems himself by doing the right thing. He becomes more mature as the series progresses. In 2010, Drake Bell made an appearance in the iCarly Season 3 episode "iBloop" which stars his Drake & Josh co-star Miranda Cosgrove. He reprised his role as Drake Parker to make an appearance in the episode, during which he seems to have stepped into the alternate fictional universe of iCarly where he recognizes Cosgrove's character as Megan Parker and follows by asking the whereabouts of Josh and the rest of his family.

Age: 15-16 (Seasons 1-2), 17-18 (Seasons 3-4)

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