Best Drakengard Characters

Drakengard may not be the best game in the world and it's even not that popular outside Japan but I really like this game series because I used to play the second game a lot when I was a kid and later on I played its spin off, Nier, and liked it too.
As a tribute to this underrated game I decided to make a list of the best characters of the series which includes characters from the three games but not from Nier and its sequel because I consider them as a different thing.

The Top Ten

1 Yaha

An interesting villain who is very similar to Zarbon from DBZ who is another favorite character of mine, I like the fact that both characters sacrificed almost everything for beauty, this makes them very different villains and actually villains who are understandable. - IronMaidenFan666

2 Caim

The original protagonist of the Drakengard series is a ruthless killer and a classic anti - hero, imagine an insane version of Aragorn and that's what you'll get, pure awsomeness if your'e asking me. - IronMaidenFan666

3 Angelus

I really like dragons and this dragon is a total badass and she also has an interesting relationship with Caim, the protagonist from the first game, and that's why I believe that she's the best. - IronMaidenFan666

4 Manah

This girl is a very complicated character who turns from being evil to being good and she has a tragic story in both of the first two games, she actually reminds me of Gollum with her personality and fate and because Gollum is one of my favorite characters I really appreciate how they made her. - IronMaidenFan666

5 Michael

Another amazing dragon, such a shame that he's not appearing that much in the third game. - IronMaidenFan666

6 Zero
7 Furiae

She looks like an innocent girl at first but when you get to know her true thoughts you begin to understand that something is wrong with her, and I really like crazy characters like this for some reason. - IronMaidenFan666

8 Gabriela

Gabriela is a sarcastic female dragon and she looks great, but then again, like Michael, if she would appear more times during the third game she would be one of the best characters of the series. - IronMaidenFan666

9 One

This girl is a very good character even though she doesn't appear that much on the third game, I really like her looks and her powers and she has a good yet twisted personality as it seems to me. - IronMaidenFan666

10 Legna

And let's close the list with another dragon. Legna is another badass dragon in this series and he's also a complicated characters who is very manipulative. - IronMaidenFan666

The Contenders

11 Three
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