Top 10 Most Dramatic Warrior Cat Books

Warriors, one of the best examples of don’t judge a book by its cover. Her are the top 10 most dramatic:

The Top Ten

1 The Last Hope

FireHeart dies protecting his clan and his one true love, Sandstorm. Stupid TigerStar!
Sandstorm: This is your last
life. What are your warriors going to do without you?
Firestar: They’ll Fight harder
Sandstorm: I love you.
Firestar: I love you too. - UltraSandStorm

2 Forest of Secrets

Silverstream Dies, BIRTHING KITS! Also, near the end Yellowfang is forced to kill her own son with Deathberries. And at the very end. Graystripe leaves for RiverClan. It was sad, but was even sadder for FireHeart to recall All the great moments they shared! Super Dramatic!
Silverstream: Take care if the kits.
I love you.
Graystripe: No Silverstream! Don’t go! Don’t leave
Me! - UltraSandStorm

3 The Darkest Hour
4 Ravenpaw's Farewell

So sad! I cried so much when ravenpaw died and he did not go to Starclan cause he wanted to see Barley again.
Ravenpaw: Goodbye Barley. I’ll see you again one day.
*dies* - UltraSandStorm

5 Bluestar's Prophecy

Bluestar’s Past was so sad! She had Mother who did not even love her! She had to Give up her kits and Oakheart! - UltraSandStorm

6 Crookedstar's Promise

Another really sad past. - UltraSandStorm

7 Yellowfang's Secret

Yellowfang had her mate killed by her own son she wasn’t even allowed to have in the first place! Poor Yellowfang! She was Sent from her clan! - UltraSandStorm

8 The Sun Trail
9 Rising Storm
10 Into the Wild
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