Top Ten Most Dramatic Ways to Poop

This is a list of Top 10 most dramatic ways to poop. This list might be a little bit controversial, but I am sure that I didn't want to offend anyone and just want to spread funny content to this site.

The Top Ten Most Dramatic Ways to Poop

1 Pooping while listening to the USSR anthem at full volume and singing along

You see comrade, we must seize the means of defecation - styLIShT

2 Pooping while skydiving such that you poop while freefalling and the poop falls on you just after you land heroically
3 Automatically pooping due to the high recoil while firing a gunshot while yelling 'Fire!'
4 Pooping while headbanging to heavy metal
5 Pooping while break dancing such that your pants rip off to reveal a huge chunk of poop but you ignore it and resume break dancing
6 Pooping while yelling "Sieg Heil Mein F├╝hrer"
7 Pooping while singing the Anthem of the Third Reich Republic (Nazi Anthem)
8 Pooping while performing classical music such as Beethoven or Mozart
9 Pooping while trampolining and shouting 'weeeeeeee' as you bounce high up
10 Pooping while getting stabbed
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