Top Ten Best Drawing Supplies

For all of you folks that draw and desire for these art supplies, this list is for you. But you do not need this stuff to make your drawings look better. You need skill.

The Top Ten

1 Copic Markers Copic Markers

This list makes me want to improved my arts (because my arts are really sucks, especially the coloring). - ChatNoirFan18

They are just awesome and make me remmeber my childhood

There are some YouTubers who have these, like LukasChannel or Baylee Jae.-Vestalis

I wonder how they afford these? They are so expensive, any artist would desire to have these dude. - AnimeDrawer

2 Prismacolor Colored Pencils Prismacolor Colored Pencils

I love these colored pencils. They are really nice to utilize. - Ruee

3 Prismacolor Markers
4 Sakura Pigma Pens

Especially if you draw anime and manga, these pens will definitely be the bomb! - AnimeDrawer

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5 Canvas Paper
6 Winsor and Newton Winton Paints
7 Faber Castell Pens

Really want to buy this because I used Titi crayons and the colors of titi crayons are awful - ChatNoirFan18

8 Marker Paper
9 Graphite Pencils
10 Pencil V 1 Comment

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11 Promarkers
12 Ballpoint Pens
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