Top Ten Dreadful Puns About Animals

The Top Ten

1 A bird of prey bit me. Owl.

These truly are dreadful. But this one made me chuckle. - PetSounds

I can imagine a nerd saying this while he is in a phase for animals. - CityGuru

2 One of my cats got my neighbour's cat pregnant. He had cat to be kitten me.
3 My new small dog always whimpers at night. She doesn't bark, Chihuahua.
4 I wanted to get some pet snakes, but venom all went missing.
5 If you say you'll make a worse animal pun, it makes you a hippocrite.
6 I may have confused that otter with someone that builds a dam.

You just HAD to lodge it in there, didn't you? - Rocko

Oh, how seally of you. - Puga

7 When did the fly fly? When the spider spider.
8 I went to a zoo and noticed a sick antelope. I could tell; most were full of colour, and impala.
9 My animal puns are emusing.

Haha! Who on earth told you that? Me! They really are so bad that they are indeed emusing! - Britgirl

HAHA, I'm probably going to tell this one someday... - keycha1n

10 I'm out of fish. Oh, Cod.

The best one here! - Kiteretsunu

The Contenders

11 I need to rabbit! That bunny food!

But Elmer won't catch Bugs Bunny so easily. - BorisRule

Does anyone understand this? please do.


12 Do German snakes go ßßßßßßßß?

Classic. (NOTE: The ß means 'ss') - BorisRule

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