Top Ten Dreadful Puns About Animals

The Top Ten
1 A bird of prey bit me. Owl.

These truly are dreadful. But this one made me chuckle.

2 One of my cats got my neighbour's cat pregnant. He had cat to be kitten me.
3 My new small dog always whimpers at night. She doesn't bark, Chihuahua.
4 I wanted to get some pet snakes, but venom all went missing.
5 If you say you'll make a worse animal pun, it makes you a hippocrite.
6 I may have confused that otter with someone that builds a dam.

You just HAD to lodge it in there, didn't you? - Rocko

Oh, how seally of you. - Puga

7 When did the fly fly? When the spider spider.
8 I went to a zoo and noticed a sick antelope. I could tell; most were full of colour, and impala.
9 My animal puns are emusing.

Haha! Who on earth told you that? Me! They really are so bad that they are indeed emusing!

HAHA, I'm probably going to tell this one someday...

10 I'm out of fish. Oh, Cod.

The best one here! - Kiteretsunu

The Contenders
11 I need to rabbit! That bunny food!

But Elmer won't catch Bugs Bunny so easily. - BorisRule

Does anyone understand this? please do.


12 Do German snakes go ßßßßßßßß?

Classic. (NOTE: The ß means 'ss') - BorisRule

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