Top Ten Dreadful Puns About Mathematics

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1 A rally car finished a race. However, they didn't know how fast it was going, only how far it had gone. It was an integrale!

Very subtle heisenberg reference but still nice joke - styLIShT

2 0.301 is a disgusting number. It's what you get when you log the number 2.
3 Maths puns are a sine of madness.

Okay, I think we're really going off at a tangent here. - Rocko

I love Madness, ergo... let's have more maths puns, please! - Britgirl

Haha! This is a sine that Maths is not always insine. It's actually great! - Kiteretsunu

In which case, I am not insine at all. - PositronWildhawk

4 Does God operate like the function of the opposite divided by the hypotenuse? No; it's a sin.
5 What happens when you integrate 1/(cabin) with respect to cabin? Log cabin? No, a houseboat. You forgot to add the "c".

This one is brilliant. I loved the "c" part! - Kiteretsunu

This is actually really clever - styLIShT

6 You don't own this joke. √(- this joke).

Very clever... - Rocko

7 I have sum good maths jokes.

Lol. Misspelling - BorisRule

It's like you have "Some" good maths jokes but misspelled it as "Sum" so actually you giving a "Sum" Joke. I Love this Joke. - Dreamformusic

This one just makes me sad at least the others were more complex - happyhappyjoyjoy

The joke is simple, but I love it! - Kiteretsunu

8 To work out how much the company owed its stockholders, they had to multiply the algebraic terms and divide nd.
9 I decided to go on a diet this year, because the maths department threw a party last Christmas, and √(-1/64).
10 The maths teacher was an exponent of his own powers.

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11 I got acute maths teacher.
12 What's the limit for calculus?
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