Top 10 Dream Collabs of Hip-Hop Duos

Most of these combos are physically impossible or unrealistic but aren't y'all just curious to see the production outcome of some of these collabs?

The Top Ten

1 Black Star and Little Brother

The closest thing you'll get to listening to this is a song by Black Star titled 'Little Brother'. It's a devine track. - ParasN2000

2 Blackalicious and OutKast
3 'Gang Starr' and 'Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth' 'Gang Starr' and 'Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth'
4 Dead Prez and Madvillain
5 'Eric B. & Rakim' and 'Kool G Rap & DJ Polo'

You have two top respected MC - DJ duos of the classic Old School New York Hip-Hop. - ParasN2000

6 'UGK' and '8Ball & MJG'
7 'Method Man & Redman' and 'Run the Jewels'
8 EPMD and M.O.P.
9 Bad Meets Evil and Tha Dogg Pound
10 'Black Sheep' and 'Showbiz & A.G.'
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1. Black Star and Little Brother
2. Blackalicious and OutKast
3. 'Gang Starr' and 'Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth'


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