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21 Light vs Lelouch

It depends on who has a faster reaction time. Lelouch can simply say "die" while Light has to go through the process of writing his name down on the notebook. Now if you put Lelouch away from the geass maximum distance then of course Light would win. Light killed criminals from around the world, while he was simply in Tokyo. - Crysis

This would technically be a draw. It depends on who reacts first. Light could write Lelouch's name in the death note, or Lelouch could use his geass. It all depends on who goes first. - NerdyPweeps

Assuming that light was unkown as kira to lelouch, and lelouch was only known as zero, I think lelouch would win. While the death not is more effective as a killing tool, when working against an unknown enemy the geass provides more mobility.

Who ever strikes first wins. They're basically the same person with different abilities

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22 Arceus vs Giratina

I'm sorry but how can giratina beat arceus.

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23 Naruto vs Goku

Are we seriously debating this

I have to say Goku

Goku - Saint_D


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24 Natsu Dragneel vs. Portgas. D. Ace

Natsu cause he could just eat ace

It would be an endurance contest

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25 Natsu vs Killua

Maybe Killua win because he has tons of assassination tricks! But Natsu is really strong too. After all he is a dragon slayer but I guess Killua can beat Natsu in future Killua is small now! *-*I vote for Killua

Natsu can touch him and make him die instantly

This right would be so entertaining

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26 Goku vs Luffy

Goku would win he can go Super Saiyan God. Luffy might be flexible and made out of rubber but he can't block chi blasts especially if they are a Kamehameha

Is this a joke?

Obviously goku

27 Kenshiro vs Yusuke
28 Guts vs Gourrey Gabriev

Guts is by far the best builded char in any manga I have read, I simply can't say any other guy with such amazing feats ( saving distances with people from other verses who blows mountains or even planets) I mean, his only a peak human or slightly superhuman but more than his power/skill set his a complex person who lives in a rutless world, fighting against impossible odds everyday. With that said and with Gurrey against him, my vote goes for Guts

It's The Hundred Man Slayer, the Black Swordsman, the Demon's bane. OF COURSE GUTS WINS

29 Gaara vs. Crocodile

Gaara has the power of sand which is is not just cool but amazing but 1 should not forget that crocodile is himself SAND... he can control sand if he is not able to control sand of another world he can just destroy gaara with sand storms techniques and many other things - ashurockerz

Out of all the fights this is the one I wanna see the most... And it's last. I'm for Crocodile, he's virtually indestructible. While Gaara is freaky... This will be an epic fight.

Garaa got this the desert demon will not lose the mark on his forehead literally means demon loving only himself

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30 Rin Okumura vs. Ichigo Kurosaki

RIN FOR THE WIN! I love Rin so much I don't know who would win but I would want Rin to win

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31 Rorona Zoro vs Erza Scarlet vss Rukia

Zoro for the win!

Zoro solos both of them! In recent chapter,he was shown to use haki!

Erza would mess him up

Rukia solos via Absolute Zero

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32 Goku vs Envy V 1 Comment
33 Edward D. Teach vs Zeref

If he goes near zeref its suicide

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34 Roronoa Zoro vs Zaraki Kenpachi

This fight will be an epic one... Clash between two heavy badass swordsmen... Both of them can cut through anything... I might support roronoa for sure..

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35 Erza Scarlet vs. Rukia Kuchiki

Erza she said herself she has over 140 different dangerous armors

Oh Gawd! Two of my all-time favourite female characters battling each other! GOTTA. WATCH. IT! I'm gonna bring popcorn & drinks along...

Of course, erza will win. She is the best

Current Rukia doesn't even need her zanpakuto. A well placed Kido should do it.

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36 Sakura vs Wendy Marvell

Maybe it will be a draw if she uses Dragon Force.

Wendy would surely win with her dragon slayer powers

If Wendy is any good at dodging then she wins easily

Wendy for tah win

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37 Natsume vs Ruka
38 Erza Scarlet vs Edward Elric

You guys are overeating Erza! Of course she will lose.

Erza would win cause she could use her swords to kill him because she to quick

This is gonna be awesome!

I don't know. both so cool but I think erza will win.

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39 Yhwach vs Ichigo

Yhwach beats ichigo.. Sorry ichigo but u gonna get whooped.. personally Yhwach is just over powered - Saint_D

40 Tony Tony Chopper vs Pantherlily

Once chopper turns monster point it will be over

Pantherlily was the elite enforcer in edolas I'm sure he would win

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