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41 Killua Zoldyck vs Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke can just use his sharingan and rinnegan and summon his giant snake and use his lightning and its over sasuke wins all the way

If killua has the assistance of alluka, he wins. Otherwise it becomes a matter of whether sasuke could survive until godspeed wears off. I think he could, and after that he completely overwhelms killua.

Killua will whoop Sasuke's ass in a matter of seconds. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

KILLUA will win this! Thia will be a great fight! I vote for Killua because he is super strong and my favourite and cool too

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42 Naruto, Luffy, Ichigo, Natsu vs Goku

They will surely defeat Goku if they join forces!

Yes it would be awesome

Natsu using the form he fought zeref with and he could win by himself if Goku attacked him. If Goku was smart enough to run away and wait it out, he wins. The others really can' do all that much.

SSGSS with kaiokenx20 against these would be a thriller to watch

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43 Riza Hawkeye vs Revy

They are both fierce,badass ladies with guns. A battle between these 2 would be so intense! - Tia-Harribel

44 Killua vs Ataksuki (Log Horizon)

Killua Win! He is strong, he use speed of lighting (Godspeed) and his so cool too *-*

45 Vegeta vs Olivier Mira Armstrong

Vegeta of course he could just use the galick gun and if mira survives then final flash

46 Roronoa Zoro vs King Bradley
47 Rin Okumura vs Mirajane Strauss

Hard to say, since I love both characters. Mira's faster, but I think Rin's stronger.

Rin wouldn't be able to destroy beauty and then mira takes opportunity and wins

Mirajane would win because she can turn into a demon(aka satan soul transformation) but anyhow with her power mira would win

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48 Orochimaru vs Hisoka

O.o Hisoka totally... The one who wants to become immortal vs the one who wants to fight the strongest? I think Hisoka would see potential wasted in Orochimaru and end him. Orochimaru would be too concerned with learning and wanting to experiment and so Hisoka would win easy.

Orochimaru would win because he has a lot of minions and he himself is one of the ledgendary sannin ninja

49 Natsu vs Naruto

I think Naruto would win

They are amazing and strong and funny and weird and idiot and like to rush into things (Usually battles) and make stupid mistakes and and have a rival that is like the complete opposite os them OK I'm going to stop there cause I could go on for hours...

Naruto destroys natsu with his eyes closed

Natsu has survived a lot more than naruto so that's the only reason I think natsu would win

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50 Meruem vs Zeref

Zeref would win because all he has to do is get close to meruem and he will die a horrible death

The battle of death... Interesting idea

Zeref would totally win. He immortal

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51 Accelerator vs Killua
52 Yusuke Urameshi vs. Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo wins this - Saint_D

53 Gon Freecss vs Izuku Midoriya
54 Light vs Goku

Goku will win because he has superhuman speed and before light can write light will already be defeated

The death note clearly says it can kill any HUMAN with in 40 seconds of their name being written. Goku is a saiyan therefore immune

Goku is not human so Death Note wouldn't work on him. - Tia-Harribel

First off it's impossible for Light to know Gokus full name because we don't even know his full name, he wouldn't know to write Kakarot unless he had the shinigami eyes, which he doesn't. And even by some miraculous miracle that he somehow does the impossible and kills Goku, they can use the dragon balls to bring him back and then Goku wouldn't make the same mistake twice.. whoever thought of this fight is a BAKA!

How fast can Light write?

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55 Haru vs Guts V 2 Comments
56 Maka & Soul vs Ruby Rose
57 Akatsuki vs Spriggan 12
58 Sanji vs Zoro

I voted this just to say that Zoro would annihilate Sanji, heck at the moment he'd beat Luffy... Also stop doing Goku vs... Goku would win, I'm not a fanboy he is just too OP - TrafalgarLaw

Zoro has been stated to be stronger then sanji

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59 Dialga vs Vegeta
60 Ace vs Itachi

This would be a very interesting fight indeed.

Itachi beats him without using his hands

A battle between two of the best brothers in anime world1


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