Top Ten Dream Fights Between Anime Characters


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61 Haru vs Guts V 2 Comments
62 Maka & Soul vs Ruby Rose
63 Akatsuki vs Spriggan 12

Akatsuki, hands down.

64 Saitama vs Goku

I seriously don't know who would win.

Must be an entertaining one

Saitama is fast enough to get a punch off before Goku can think. Saitama wins.

Saitama would destroy goku

V 3 Comments
65 L vs Light

Come on, we know how this ends. Don't put stupid things on the list... unless you were talking about their unfinished tennis match!

Light kills him with his shinigami

Just. One. Word... L!

66 Sanji vs Zoro

I voted this just to say that Zoro would annihilate Sanji, heck at the moment he'd beat Luffy... Also stop doing Goku vs... Goku would win, I'm not a fanboy he is just too OP - TrafalgarLaw

Zoro has been stated to be stronger then sanji

V 2 Comments
67 Dialga vs Vegeta
68 Itachi vs Vegeta

Vegeta might be stronger but still itachi will brainwash him and burn his ass in ashes with his amaterasu.

This match belongs to the one and only Itachi

While Vegeta screams about pride, Itachi puts him in a Tsukuyomi.

Vegeta is still much stronger than Itachi though, don't misunderstand.

Smart versus the badass!

V 3 Comments
69 Ken Kaneki vs Kei Nagai

Ajin aren't all that powerful without immortality. Kaneki could literally kill him hundreds of thousands of times before Nagai he has a chance to do anything. Basically a stalemate beside of the immortal factor.

It's really hard to predict this one. We still haven't seen the full power of black ghost in the anime. Kakuja Kaneki is extremely dangerous,so for now I side with him UNLESS Kei shows more impressive feats. - Tia-Harribel

70 Gon and Killua vs. Naruto and Sasuke
71 Phantom Troupe (Hunter X Hunter) vs Shinobis (Team Naruto) V 4 Comments
72 Edward Elric vs Maka Albarn
73 Sakura vs Erza Scarlet

I would love to see Erza destroy Sakura

Erza stomps for sure

An extremely powerful mage vs a pink punch. This match is over.

Erza would slice that pink bitch in half

V 1 Comment
74 Akatsuki vs Nine Demon Gates of Tartaros

Akatsuki wrecks

Akatsuki no doubt about it

Hard to say.

it depends

V 1 Comment
75 Shion Sonozaki vs Yuno Gasai

Shion actually killed everyone she wanted to, she was smart and got everyone to think her twin sister was the murderer

76 Gildarts vs Shanks

A battle between two badass, OP characters.

Oh my, they look the same but gildarts for the win

Shanks without breaking a sweat

V 3 Comments
77 Yusuke Urameshi vs Killua Zoldyck
78 L Lawliet and Detective Conan vs. Lupin the Third and Kaitou Kid

Well I think its just conan and kaito vs lupin and l lawliet

No one come home that night

79 Roronoa Zoro vs Ichigo Kurosaki
80 Simon the Digger vs Goku

Goku definitely.. But Simon would give a good match

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