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81 Afro Samurai vs Kenshin Himura

Dimaria has nothing to do with this fight.

Dimaria stops time, then kills all of them

82 Rin Okumuro vs. Eren Jaeger

This fight would be so AWESOME! I would love to see their rage contest because they both get pretty angry a lot.

Eren jaeger because rin wouldn't know to go for eren's neck

Obviously Rin would win. Even if Eren went into his titan form Rin has demonic strength and hellfire. He would rip Eren to peices.

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83 Aokiji (One Piece) vs Silver of Absolute Zero (Fairy Tail)

Considering Silver is impervious to ice, he would win.

Aokiji froze to giant tsunamis caused by whitebeard. He eternally froze half an island when he fought Akainu, and he froze lave flowing onto a city. In a fight of ice I can't say anyone could beat him.

Ice vs ice... Just wonder how will this figh be... For Aokiji, he can freeze an island... For now, Silver can freeze a village, along with fire... Both can instantly freeze the enemy... For Aokiji freeze Doflamingo, and Silver freeze natsu... What do you think... ?

Aokiji ca freeze silver along with fairy tail universe and beyond with his awakening

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84 Alucard vs Alucard

Alucard obviously isn't that the only result you can get

85 Pain (Naruto Shippuden) vs Barragan Luisenbarn
86 Eren Yeager vs Edward Elric

Edward would win

I'd actually watch this. - KrazyKangaroo

87 Gotenks vs Coyote Starrk

Gotenks Super ghost kamikaze against Starks exploding wolves, need I say more? They're both extremely powerful. Gotenks would want to make a show of the fight but on the other hand stark would be extremely serious and not like the attention, polar opposite personalities. I would definitely enjoy this fight and I'm sure you all would to!

Wow I would of never thought of this but without a doubt this battle would be epic and extremely interesting and exciting to watch, this should be much higher on the list!

88 Goku vs Madara and Aizen

Why is aizen here madara can smash Goku by himself ya know

89 Luffy vs Natsu

There so even. Both aren't that smart, Very powerful, and very creative with there fighting movies. The gear forms vs dragon Force. Fire dragon punch vs Gum Gum Pistol. Just so many options

I think Natsu would win. He uses similar moves but fire amplified.

Blaze Dragon King Mode? Natsu takes it.

Luffy OBLITERATES him he legit would smash him till nothing was left

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90 Chrollo vs Hisoka

I would die to see this happen

Chrollow, just because

91 Chi Chi vs Izumi Curtis

It would probably be a very even match.

92 Goku vs Kid Goku

Have you guys played the games like Budokai Tenkaichi? Kid Goku is so OP and he is the last one to unlock! Even with Super Saiyan 4 Goku he is tough. Now if this were a real world fight, you would obviously think Goku could beat his younger self. But keep in mind, that kid Goku had the staff and the tail. I still believe adult Goku would win, but it would be fun to watch Kid Goku evade and mess with Goku until he got annihilated by a Kamehamema or something!

93 Sakura vs Kagome

Sakura can easily would kick kagome

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94 Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro Neuro vs Kuroshitsuji Sebastian

I'd love to see this fight I personally think Neuro would win

Sebastian would god dang win he is a demon he can play illusions he can twist your body parts he has enhaced speed and enhaced strength sebastian would win

95 Yugi vs Naruto

Yugi loses for many reasons and it is not because Naruto is strong. It is because Yugi is weak. He is nothing without that millenium puzzle. Not that he is strong or something with it anyway...

Naruto badly humiliates yugi because he's SO DAMN POWERFUL

Naruto would beat any of his cards

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96 Gluttony vs Majin Buu
97 Death the Kid vs Train Heartnet

Death the Kid is a shinigami and very hard to kill, but Train's smarter. I think Train would win. :P

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98 Maka Albarn vs Orochimaru

It's maka albarn I mean come on I really don't like orochimaru so to get to see maka just totally kick his butt would just be AWESOME

Orochimaru would make maka shiver with fear

Maka would use the (genie)demon hunter to kill him one touch and he's dead

99 Roronoa Zoro vs Mihawk

I just can't wait to see Mihawk beaten by Zoro!

The battle between the two would be EPIC

100 Killua vs Natsu

Please yes best two characters to pin up against eachother, I can't choose whon to vote for though

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